Birdman Is The Best Picture (If You Only See 3/4 Of It)

What happened to the movie Birdman?
Things were going so well.
The dialogue was sharp and the acting was great.
At one point Ed Norton and Michael Keaton showed why they were good actors in a scene where they rehearsed the play they were going to perform.
And the style was different. (I felt like I was behind the scenes of a play.)
They really had a lot going for them.
It had the makings of a classic.
One that would be talked about for years to come.
Well …
Then they had to end it.
I don’t ever remember seeing a movie that went from 4 stars to 2 stars in such a short period of time.
It’s as if the screen writers just forgot that they had to end it.
The last half hour of this movie were awful.
So bad that if the movie started out that way I would have left.
All of a sudden the movie is Michael Keaton flying in the air.
And the rest of the cast; who were very good in it, were out nowhere to be found.
Why have such a great cast if you don’t use them in the end?
The writers must not have thought the supporting actors would be the best part of the movie because those actors were not integral with it’s ending.
Oh and not to give much away but the movie should have had an non-Hollywood ending.
Here I am watching a movie that criticizes Hollywood, yet it gives me an ending that is Hollywood.
Also there were a few other things I didn’t like about the film.
First, when you have a character with possible Jedi powers, you should probably explain that.
Don’t leave that up for the audience to figure out.
Unless you give the guy a light saber, no one will know when his imagination begins and the real world ends.
Also the movie never addressed how Ed Norton’s character could remember all the lines to the script without reading them.
When you first meet the Ed Norton’s character he somehow knows all the lines, (even Michael Keaton’s lines) to a play that he just got called in for a day ago.
Being that there was a possible Jedi in the film, that minor detail should have been elaborated on.
I was lost for a bit trying to figure out if his understanding of the script without any practice meant anything.
Turns out, it didn’t.
Also for a movie that talks a lot about bloggers and modern media, this movie had no characters who did that stuff.
One of the characters should have been a blogger.
To give the audience more insight on the way modern media works compared to the one that Michael Keaton’s character knows.
And last and the very least, no movie’s dialogue should be about the game truth or dare.
I knew the movie was going downhill when that game became a relevant part of the dialogue.
Personally I would never include that game as a way to get my point across in a script.
The writers must have ran out of ideas by then.
It had so much potential.
But it really blew it.
If you know what I mean.

In the movie, Yoda was not.
In the movie, Yoda was not.

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