No One Gives **** About The Oscars

Look I am just going to say it.
Because someone has to.
No one watching the Oscars on television cares about it.
The only people who do care about the self-congratulatory event are those that are invited.
It doesn’t matter if that no name actor wins Best Actor.
Or that annoying song wins Original Song.
Or if the movie you haven’t even seen wins Best Picture.
Yeah try to figure that one out.
The Best Picture, the movie that is the most acclaimed is one you probably never heard of until that night.
I guess that is just how great it is.
That the only ones who can appreciate it are those that made it.
The Oscars are presented as a must see event.
You just have to watch (Insert celebrity name) at the show!
It makes sense really.
Let’s watch people I don’t know win awards for stuff they did that I never intend on viewing.
There is a lot of talk behind the whole event.
Other sites have articles like; Who Should Win?
Past Winners You Didn’t Know Won.
Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About The Oscars.
Please internet, tell me more about the event I have no interest in.
Maybe a list of the Best Speeches.
Or Best Dresses.
Or Where Are They Now (cause God knows I want to learn about the Oscars that happened before I was alive)
There is so much buzz around the Oscars.
So much hype surrounding the whole night.
The thing that gets me is that it isn’t from the movie viewers that make it.

Great! You won an award! I'm still not going to see your movie.
Great! You won an award! I’m still not going to see your movie.

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