Race Of The Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris said a joke last night that I feel is so racist and ignorant that the joke was not funny;
I am surprised more people are not upset over it.
He joked that the Oscars nominees were all white.
Too white, in fact..
As if that is an actual problem.
Because you know, if white people are together alone, that is bad news.
Those hooligans may just get out the pitchforks and go nuts.
It is wrong for people to view the Oscars as too white.
Imagine if he said it was too black?
Or too yellow?
Or too brown?
It’s not so funny anymore, now is it?
You can’t look at a group of people and say the reason that they are there is because of their race.
That in itself is racist!
It doesn’t matter the race you are talking about in that situation.
You are assuming that the actor’s talent is not the reason that they are there.
But it’s their skin that really helped them out.
Not the long hours they devoted to their craft.
It was their race.
That is such an ignorant statement that I hope I don’t have to explain the blatant stupidity behind it.
Also we can’t use a ratio of race as a barometer of equality either.
Television shows try to do that, by having one of every ethnicity in the cast.
Which is fine for casting.
But not for when you give out awards for the best.
We can’t make sure to include multiple races in the nominees just to be more diverse.
Because some years the spread of races will be lopsided.
Sometimes the best pictures will be with an all white cast.
That isn’t a racial problem though.
It just means that those individuals involved are the best, regardless of their race.
To look at the nominees and gasp over the fact that they are all white is really sending the wrong message.
Basically you are saying it is okay to judge someone’s appearance at the event based on their race.
Which I don’t agree with.
And why I feel that joke was not funny at all.

I guess his next joke will be about how the Academy is not gay enough.
I guess his next joke will be about how the Academy is not gay enough.

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