Do Movies Brainwash You?

Before I even go into my reasoning, I want to get my definition for the word “brainwash” out of the way.
When you are brainwashed, in my opinion, you relate a situation to something else that has no first hand experience in your life.
For example; let’s take two activities.
Shooting someone with a gun and shoveling snow.
One is a situation most have some familiarity with and the other is one that people may never know firsthand.
When you think of shoveling snow, what is the example you imagine in your head?
I’d guess that it is one that has to do with you doing the activity yourself.
Since you know what it is like.
You do not think of a television show or a movie, but of you shoveling.
Then let’s take shooting someone with a gun.
Do you think of a similar firsthand example to that of the shoveling?
(Most likely not)
Since you probably never shot any one in real life.
So what does come to mind when you think of shooting someone?
A movie scene where an actor did it.
Not you.
Do you see the difference in the examples?
One has you relating to the situation through your own opinion and experience.
That evaluation you have of the thought is based on how you dealt with it.
Not what someone told you of it.
The other example (the gun one) doesn’t have that thought process.
Since movies are setup and staged and you have no real say in their development.
For God’s sake those words are even used in entertainment.
You work on a set and perform on a stage.
Movies are not made to be real life.
But rather an escape from it.
But what happens when in real life you start to use made up movie scenes as examples of situations?
Which has me go back to my original question?
Do movies brainwash you?
Well if when you think of something and the first thought that pops into your head is a scene from a movie, then I’d say yes.
Movies do in fact brainwash you.

Make sure to get in between the lobes.
Make sure to get in between the lobes.

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