An Untapped Movie Audience

Right now the movie industry has kind of gone crazy with the number of superhero movies that they are releasing.
And why is this the case?
There is already a built in audience so the potential of the movie doing well is higher than that of an original franchise.
You can see the same thing with books being turned into movies.
People know of the movie’s characters so they go to see it.
But there is an audience that has no movies of any of their favorite franchises on the big screen.
I won’t beat around the bush here and just say what I am talking about.
Video game franchises have no movies.
Yet some of those characters are easily recognizable to many.
To Mario, Link and Master Chief.
To so many this blog post isn’t even long enough to cover all of them.
Video games are very popular but are bad at the box office.
The only two franchises that made successful films from a video games were Lara Croft: Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie and Prince Of Persia.
Both which made over 275 million.
Eventually the movie industry will figure out that there are people who would love to see video game characters come to life.
Can you imagine if Samus was in an action movie?
Or maybe the underwater world of Bioshock coming to life?
Or seeing Sonic run faster than anything?
We should accept the fact that video game characters are some of the most beloved characters in any field.
Yet they have no movies of those characters?
Don’t be surprised if in a few years the movies we see will be featuring video game characters.

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