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Paul Walker Wasn’t That Great Of An Actor

It sucks that both of these guys are dead since so many people liked them.

It sucks that both of these guys are dead since so many people liked them.

I’m sorry for even writing this.
I feel bad that I have to.
But every time I hear about Paul Walker it is presented as if we lost a great talent.
Like he was Elvis or John Lennon, or Heath Ledger.
It is sad that the guy is dead.
That is not up for debate.
But let’s all be honest for a second.
The guy’s most famous films are the Fast And The Furious franchise.
If you think that someone whose best acting came from those films then you must not watch a lot of films.
Can we please stop making this guy out to be a martyr?
Like we lost a guy who would win an Academy Award or something.
He wasn’t as talented as Heath Ledger.
That guy could act.
Watch The Dark Knight and say that he isn’t amazing as The Joker in it.
Now from what I can see in the films, Walker does seem like a pretty nice guy.
Someone who you could be friends with and I am sure that the co-stars of the film are really sad over his death, since he appeared to be a person that others would give positive characteristics.
Let’s jut make sure one of those don’t include him being a great actor.
A nice guy he was, but a great actor is something he knew nothing of.

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