Is Superman The Anti-Christ?

There seems to be a subtle religious tone in this movie.
There seems to be a subtle religious tone in this trailer.

If you have seen the latest trailer for Superman then you know where this question is coming from.
From the trailer it seems that Superman is painted as the bad guy.
That’s right.
Superman as the bad guy.
The original superhero.
The epitome of goodness.
The strongest hero there is.
Could it be that he is actually the bad guy?
Does the trailer have a legitimate angle here?
Well kind of.
First off…
Who the heck is the Anti-Christ?
He is the Devil from the The Bible.
Jesus warns that there will be a man that will claim to be him.
And that many will follow this man.
That man is the Anti-Christ.
He is the guy who comes before Jesus returns to save the day.
When he shows up we know that Jesus will return to help us because the Anti-Christ is literally The Devil in a man’s body.
What qualifications does a person need to have in order to be the Anti-Christ?
– He has superhuman powers, like Jesus Christ.
Superman has that.
Flying and super strength definitely apply here.
– He has a large following, like a religion.
Superman has that.
In fact it is believed that the Anti-Christ will be more followed than Jesus Christ.
Most of the world will follow him.
That is how big of a following I am talking about.
– He performs miracles, like Jesus Christ would.
Superman does that too.
Those battles and bullet dodging would apply here.
– He resurrects himself like Jesus Christ would do.
Now this is a big one because this is actually a big part of Superman’s story.
He gets killed while fighting and comes back to life.
Jesus Christ sacrifices himself.
But why is it relevant in general?
So Jesus Christ came back to life, so what?
Well… the reason Jesus Christ came back to life was to prove that he was greater than man.
He was in fact the Lord.
Only God can beat Death since God created everything.
By coming back to life after getting killed Superman proved that he is at least some sort of God.
He is not a man.
A man would die.
But Superman can’t.
So what is he exactly,
If he isn’t Jesus Christ and is greater than man?
Last and most important the Anti-Christ says that he is Jesus Christ.
He lies to everyone.
Does Superman do that?
Depends on your interpretation of proclaiming that he is Jesus Christ.
If you think that by naming himself Superman, that Superman is in fact stating that he is Jesus Christ, then yes, that would qualify.
But if you don’t see that action as a proclamation, then it doesn’t.
And therefore Superman isn’t the Anti-Christ.
Also Superman never says he is a god.
He is Superman.
Not God.
Not Jesus Christ.
Just Superman.
That is why everyone loves him.
He is powerful enough to cause mayhem to anyone in his way, to basically rule the world, like the Anti-Christ desires.
But he doesn’t.
Superman is a good guy at the heart of it.
If you don’t believe this to be true.
If you think that he has evil intentions.
That he doesn’t save people to actually save them.
But because he wants to rule over everyone.
And if you think that his name is a challenge to Jesus Christ then yes.
Superman can in fact be the Anti-Christ.
Personally I don’t t like the portrayal of Superman in the trailer.
Don’t make it seem like people would hate Superman.
Just stop.
They wouldn’t.
People would love Superman because after all the miracles, all the written articles, all the flying,
Superman, or Clark Kent is a good man.
And I hope that they show that in the film.
That after all the hate, all the criticism, after fighting freaking Batman, Superman still wants to help people.
He doesn’t want to hurt anyone.
Just help.
And that is not what the Anti-Christ would do.
That is what Superman would do.

Notice what Batman says to Superman
“Do you bleed? You will.”
As if to imply that Superman has never bled.
As if Superman is a god.

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