Am I The Only One That Didn’t Like The Revenant?

It’s me.
It must be.
Because I seem to be the only one who walked out of the movie theater after watching The Revenant disappointed.
I slept through some parts.
Turns out the pace was so slow I didn’t miss anything.
What is the movie about?
Leonardo DiCaprio is with a group of hunters or something like that.
I don’t even know what they were.
Just a bunch of guys who would be offended by someone who didn’t know how to hunt a deer and live in the wild.
They get attacked by Indians so they run.
Because what else were they going to do?
Fight them?
Please that would be too logical.
Plus the movie would have lasted like fifty minutes if they did.
Then DiCaprio gets mauled by a bear.
And his team does everything they can to save them and since it is the 1800’s, a bear attack is tough to recover from.
So Tom Hardy and that kid from the Maze Runner series, are left behind to help a dying DiCaprio.
Oh and DiCaprio has a son that says like five words until he gets killed by Hardy, for being stupid and thinking that DiCaprio will survive a bear attack.
After that, the whole movie is DiCaprio playing catch up to Hardy.
It was really boring.
At one point I even remember thinking to myself, “Ah crap, his (DiCaprio) leg is broken. That is going to add another forty-five minutes to the story.”
And I kid you not, when he was walking around trying to catch Hardy, I remember thinking, “Oh great. He isn’t even there yet.”
Hardy and the rest of the original crew that DiCaprio was with, the ones who left him went to a fort.
He spent so much time catching Hardy that by the time he gets there, I didn’t even care.
I just wanted both of them to be dead and have the movie be over.
I didn’t like any of the characters.
The pace at first seemed like it was working but then it never picked up.
The dialogue sucked.
DiCaprio grunts his way to an award.
I give the movie the bear scene, that was cool.
But other than that, I was really bored through it.
And what is the first thing I read about the movie after seeing it?
That it is the Best Picture winner.
I was way off.

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4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One That Didn’t Like The Revenant?

  1. Could not agree more.Five hours of my life I will never get back. Oh,.. my husband said three hours and forty minutes. Just felt like five. I wanted to kill Di Caprio myself halfway through. The whole movie was nothing more than someones idea to showcase Di Caprio. Its the only answer to something that took almost four hours and still meant nothing.The son was stupid.Di Caprio did blink. He caused his sons death, an old indian that stopped to help him, countless others, and a horse then says in the movie, “I have nothing to live for.I don’t care if I die.”Well why did he keep trying so hard to keep living. Why didn’ he save us all and die about an hour into the movie.


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