Will Smith Won’t Get A Nomination But Not Because He’s Black

If you think that Will Smith was rejected a nomination for his great performance in Concussion because of his color, then I am afraid to tell you that is not the case at all.
Well, at least in my opinion.
Will Smith starred in a movie exposing the horrors of playing in the NFL, a league that is the most powerful, most influential, league in America.
In the film Will Smith’s character is a doctor who discovers that the more someone plays football, the more likely they are to develop a disease that could lead to early death, insanity, and other problems that are much worse than just a headache.
As a character in the movie said about the NFL, “They own a day of the week.”
And they do.
People love football.
They only want more of it.
And the media knows that people love it.
And you think that the lobbyists in the football world would have that be the movie that gets the buzz?
A movie that goes against the norm that much?
Sorry, but it is more political than that.
Look, I loved the movie and I wanted Smith to win something, but he won’t because that is not what the awards are about.
You know that though, right?
I am only repeating a fact that many know already.
The awards are for the actors who kiss the right people.
Not the fans.
The fans don’t give a shit about who wins at the awards shows.
(And here I am complaining about it)
What I mean is, Will Smith didn’t give a worse performance because he wasn’t nominated.
I won’t hate the movie because it got robbed of a nomination.
The only thing is that it won’t get the exposure it deserves.
And since the league that the movie was criticizing owns a day of the week, I’d say that it will stay that way.
Sorry Will Smith, but the NFL machine is stronger than you think.


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