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Race Was A Problem Last Year (Supposedly)

So last year I wrote about how I felt that Neil Patrick Harris made a bad racial joke last year.
Turns out the actors for this year’s awards shows are protesting and for what reasons?
Why else would they do it?
You know they aren’t doing it for the interest for the fans.
I can tell you that much.
If these actors even had a clue about the fan’s thoughts, then they would know that most don’t care about the award shows anyway.
We think that you are all self-righteous, overpaid individuals and we aren’t really interested in what you have to say outside of the script.
I am honestly thinking that these awards shows use race to get people talking about them.
So that they can get an article about them.
So that Yahoo and MSN have them on the cover.
So that bloggers give their opinions on them.
Ah crap.
I took the bait.


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