My Take On The 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

I’m sure that some of you have seen the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer.
The sequel to Cloverfield.
I got to say it looks pretty good.
If you don’t mind that the monster isn’t in it.
The characters seem to be in some sort of fallout shelter away from danger.
They are basically hiding.
From what?
Well, you assume it is the monster.
But it may be a battle or something else.
Remember that Cloverfield was very clever in disguising the monster in the original trailer.
So don’t be surprised if there is more to this than we are seeing.
If it was a monster outside the window, wouldn’t the woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) run back inside.
Instead of having an “Oh my gosh” moment.
I put money that they are in camp (which would explain the address) and the army, or whoever is the authority is doing some bad stuff to some of the people.
So it isn’t bad enough that there is a monster roaming around town, but they are in a concentration camp too.
From what I saw John Goodman’s character is suffering from something.
Maybe he is senile.
Or maybe he is sick (from the monster).
I guess he could be sick in the head too.
Also I am interested as to why the title is an address.
That is a creative title for a movie.
I’m sure there is a reason behind it.
And if I remember correctly, the camera was really important in the first one.
So I expect that iPhone to have a significant part in the movie.
Also what happened to the dude’s arm and what the heck is John Goodman doing with those gloves by the radiation?
Anyway I am excited for this movie.
It comes out March 11th.

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