Everyone In Pulp Fiction Is Stupid

I love the movie Pulp Fiction.
Its odd characters and great dialogue make it a great movie.
But boy are the characters in the movie really freaking stupid.
By that I mean, they do things that only make the situation worse.
Not better.
Literally every character takes the wrong path.
Let’s go through them.
Vincent (John Travolta): He takes his bosses’s wife out on the town and what does he allow her to do when they get home? Coke, of course. To the point where she almost dies. Then he shoots Marvin in the face when him and Jules (Samuel L Jackson) are driving away from a crime. I don’t know what is more idiotic? Almost allowing his boss’s wife to die, or accidentally shooting a minor character after you already committed a crime.
Butch (Bruce Willis): As he leaves town, running from Marsellus Wallace, who does he hit with his car? Wallace of course! Dude can knock out a man with one punch but forgot that he was on the run from the biggest mob boss in town. That country song on the radio was just that good, I guess. Or how about the fact that he goes to his room to get a gold watch, even though he is on the run and could get killed?
Vincet and Jules (Samuel L Jackson): They didn’t just shoot Marvin! Seriously, why not just shoot the guy? What part of the story does he have other than being the guy shot in the car? If they shoot him there, like they did the other three men back at the apartment, then the whole situation is easier. And then their “disguises”  later on are the worst. The police are still looking for a black man with a mustache and a white guy with a bad haircut. Goofy t-shirts won’t change that. And don’t you think that one police officer will put two and two together with the two crimes? The same guys who walked into the apartment building where the three men were shot dead look like the guys who just walked out of the robbery at the local restaurant. Oh yeah, I forgot they had help from The Wolf whose bright idea was to change clothes and clean up the car. Also these two are on the run and what do any veteran hitmen do after they are bailed out by a gangster for accidentally shooting a man in their car, when they are on the run and the gangster tells them not to go out. Relax at a restaurant of course!
Ringo (Tim Roth) and Yolanda (Amanda Plummer) : They rob a freaking restaurant. Really? That is their clever idea? Robbing a freaking restaurant! No wonder they are small-time crooks. I guess the reason no one robs restaurants is to avoid all the hitmen on the run.
Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames): He lets Butch go after they get molested by a creepy store owner. Really? Butch was about to leave town, to pull one over on you, but now it is okay since he helped Wallace get away. If Wallace was so bad, then he would still want Butch dead.
The Wolfe (Harvery Keitel): What is the advice from the all wise Wolf? What does he say to the two badasses, Jules and Vincent, to help them out of a jam? Clean the blood from the car and change clothes so that you aren’t in your bloody clothes anymore. Really? That seems almost like common knowledge. When you kill someone, get rid all of the evidence. That isn’t that great of advice. Even the clever guy in the movie is kind of dumb.
Is there anyone in the movie that isn’t stupid? That doesn’t make you think, “Boy that was a bad decision.”
I like the movie, but the characters need to have some common sense.


samuel l

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