I Hope The Deadpool Movie Isn’t Too Vulgar

I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I like the character Deadpool.
He is my type of character.
The anti-hero.
The wiseass.
He may save the day.
Then again, he may not.
The beauty of Deadpool’s character is that he is the anti-superhero.
And he knows it.
He is fully aware of the superhero genre he is in and pokes fun at it by being so off beat.
It is like a comedian that knows they are telling a joke.
The joke can still suck and the audience may still laugh.
Because it was the tone of the situation rather than the delivery or joke itself that caused the laughter.
I am excited to see the new Deadpool movie, but I have to admit a worry I have about it.
The r-rating.
Why does it need that?
I don’t like the character because he curses.
Or does anything else that is rated r.
I guess they want to show the violence, but again that isn’t why I like the character.
His appeal isn’t because he can’t die, or because he is a badass assassin.
There are a lot of superheroes that do that.
He is the only one that I know of that has humor as a his weapon.
There are parts that Deadpool will literally stop the story to digress about something else entirely.
You won’t see Batman or Superman do that.
Some of the best Deadpool moments are not rated r.
So why does this movie have to be?
What are they trying to prove?
Oh Deadpool can have sex, and we are going to show it!
Deadpool says fuck, so we are not bleeping it out!
Deadpool will shoot three guys dead with one bullet and we are showing you every second of it.
In slow motion.
Also this movie better not go all superhero-movie on the audience, by having the good guy win, and get the girl.
Everyone is happy and singing at the end of the movie.
The story better be off-beat and odd if they are going for a movie not like other superhero movies.
Not to sound this way, but by the trailer, does it really look that different than other superhero movies?
If the name Deadpool wasn’t involved would you still like it based on the trailer?
I don’t know.

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