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I Should Apologize To Dakota Johnson For Writing This


Have you heard about the hip new movie, How To Be Single?
Well, the movie claims to be with it.
So you can take that for what it is worth.
I say it is probably worth at least five cents.
Maybe ten.
Anyway I have been hearing a lot of promotion for this film on the radio.
In the promotion the characters say a bunch of catchphrases that I don’t remember.
I must not be that cool if I have no idea what they are talking about.
And then like most movie promos,  the cast is listed;
Bare in mind this is not their real names.
Person I never heard of,
Name I can’t pronounce,
And Dakota Johnson.
I thought.
I know that name.
Dakota Johnson is the naked chick from that movie about that weirdo having sex.
I wonder if she is going to be naked in this movie?
Oh boy.
See what I mean?
The only reason I knew of Dakota Johnson was for her nakedness in that other movie.
Not for her acting or other more credible roles she may have had.
Which is not right.
I am sure that she is a nice girl and may even be a good actress.
But the first known role I think of when I hear her name has her naked for half the movie.
I don’t know who I would apologize to about this.
But I feel like someone needs an apology.

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