I Was Off With Deadpool (Or You Are All Weirdos)

I am the first one to admit that I am wrong with something.
And this time I have to do such a thing.
(Damn, this is not a good way to start off a post)
I was off with my assumption that the r-rating would ruin the Deadpool movie.
It didn’t.
That movie did pretty well.
Considering all the violence and curses it has.
I don’t know why I gave that movie shit.
It’s not like r-rated movies haven’t done well before.
Terminator 2, The Matrix, The Hangover.
They were all r-rated and did pretty good.
I probably wrote it just to be different in my writing.
You know how bloggers do that.
Everyone is writing how this movie will be great, so I will present a new angle on how the movie will stink, since I am so smart.
Gotta love bloggers and their egos.
Smart enough to spot mistakes but not smart enough to solve them.
Well that was a bet that I lost pretty badly.
Yeah, Deadpool was made for adults and they evidently went to see it and loved it.
65 million in the second weekend is pretty damn good for a movie.
8.6 on imdb.
I thought the movie would be okay.
Not great.
That there would be more people, who like me, would say that the movie was not meant to be r-rated.
It was too gory.
It was too crude.
Obviously I am the only fool who thought that.
Or I am the only one who will admit it now.
Not sure which.
I am interested in seeing the staying power of this movie.
Will people see this movie again instead of the other new releases?
If it is the outlier it claims to be, then that may happen.
Taking a look at some of the new movies coming out;
Deadpool may be number one for another week
It is better than God Of Egypt. (By which I mean people would rather watch Deadpool again than watch that once)
I’d bet that it gets knocked off by London Has Fallen.
Buy you never know.
If it makes it to number one up until the Superman/Batman movie that would be really impressive.
That movie is coming out March 25th.
On that note, here is a funny response by Deadpool on why he doesn’t host SNL.
My god was Ryan Reynolds made to be Deadpool, or what?

Courtesy of Ryan Reynolds twitter page

So am I the only one who thinks it would be hysterical if Ryan Reynolds spoofed this commercial with Deadpool?

More like Deadpoolville.

And I am just spit balling here but can they make the next Deadpool movie, Deadpool vs. Spiderman?
Holy crap.
That may be the best movie ever.
Don’t tell me it can’t be done.
They are making a Batman vs Superman movie for God’s sake.
They can make a Deadpool vs. Spiderman movie.

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