What I Want To See In The Deadpool Sequel

Oh yeah.
It’s happen.
Speculation, with little to no information, to back me.
All I need now is a goofy smile and a suit and I will be set.
You have seen the Deadpool movie.
Most likely.
If not, you have at least read my post on it.
Because you are such a good reader like that.
So now what?
What else is there for the movie to do?
First off, it shouldn’t become like the other superhero movies out there who spoil the movie by naming it after the hero.
Oh I wonder who will win in the Guardians Of The Galaxy?
It can’t be the group that is named the Guardians Of The Galaxy.
No, that would be stupid.

Deadpool should continue to mock other movies with its self-wit.
Audiences are aware enough to get the jokes.
We see enough movies, read enough blogs, watch enough videos to get jokes about the other movies.
So I hope that the movie continues to play that card.
Just how long the movie franchise can go until people get tired of it is something I can’t tell you right now.
Will we really be talking about the sequel to the Deadpool movie as a movie that changed the superhero genre?
Was the surprise smash hit?
Will the sequel get the same praise?
I don’t know.
Another thing I’d like to see is another character that can challenge Deadpool.
Not with ability per say, but with a problem that can either lead to a solution or not.
Like Spiderman.
He is the anti-Deadpool.
Or maybe Deadpool is the anti-Spiderman, either way.
The two characters break the fourth wall, are meant to be funny, but also present a different approach to saving people.
As you saw in the movie, Deadpool isn’t a good guy.
He isn’t a hero.
Spiderman is.
I’d like to see them bring up that dilemna in a movie with Deadpool.
Because yes, we all love Deadpool, but should we?
It’s not like he is Superman or Batman.
He isn’t trying to save the day.
The movie can actually question the audience on why they like Deadpool so much.
If they don’t want Spiderman in the movie, they could bring up Death.
Yes, the character Death.
As you know Deadpool can’t die.
So how great would it be for him to have some sort of relationship with Death?
For there to be conflict inside of him.
Not because of hero qualities but because of supernatural powers he possesses.
It is awesome being immmortal, but it isn’t always great since he has to see everyone around him die.
Which that probably adds fuel to his already nonchalant attitude towards heroism.
If not, they can just have Wolverine in the movie for a few scenes.
If you don’t know, Deadpool is obesessed with Wolverine.
So this would make for a nod to the fans if he is in it.
My only issue with this scenario is a fight between the two.
I’d want to see one between Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Deadpool.
Sorry Hugh but you are no longer young anymore.
Can he still put it off if Deadpool and Wolverine decided to throw it down?
Either put Wolverine in , or continue to make him a joke for Deadpool.
Don’t have him in for two seconds.
That’s just a tease I don’t need to see.
So who is definitely in the next movie?
Which I am glad to see that he will be able to make an appearance alongside Deadpool.
It means to me, that Deadpool is going away from the current Marvel world and creating his own.
Instead of having Cable be the guy in the next X-Men movie, he is going to be a staple in the Deadpool world.
Cable is a telepathic time traveling soldier with a metal arm.
That works for me.
He is cool enough to get screen time with Deadpool.
I’d love to see the sequel take some elements from the comic book series too.
Like the recap page or the Dear Deadpool page.
As long as the franchise stays with the same tone it should be alright.
Like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Then again, Ferris only had one day off.
Let’s see how many hit movies Deadpool can make.

Here is a video from New Rockstars on the post-credits scene in Deadpool.

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