Deadpool Dominates Box Office Again, Risen Beats Race

Here are top five movies at the office for the past week.

Deadpool 56 million (236 million total)
Kung Fu Pands – 12 million (117 million total)
Risen – 11 million (first week)
The Witch – 8 million (first week)
How To Be Single – 8 million (31 million total)
numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo

A few thoughts I have on the week.
1. Deadpool is really kicking some ass.
My god did anybody think he would be in position for three straight weeks at number one at the box office?
I know I didn’t.
Yes, we all knew he was funny.
That Ryan Reynolds was the perfect Deadpool.
And we were all happy that he finally had a movie.
But then it was good.
Not just good.
Like great.
No one expected this.
2. Kung Fu Panda 3 shows that family comedies are still popular.
There is still an audience for family friendly animations.
Jack Black hit a nice niche with that character.
jack black
3. People would rather watch Jesus rise then Jesse Owens run or get scared by a witch.
Look at the numbers.
Risen made more than The Witch and Race.
How about that?
Jesus and God have an odd relationship with Hollywood.
Movies love to make their hero character like Jesus by claiming he is the one who will save the world.
Yet they aren’t really big on the man himself.
Not many movies are made about God.
Can you imagine if we were hit with a massive amount of Jesus movies the same way we are getting superhero movies?
Yeah take a second and think about that one.
How much did Race make?
It was number 6 with only 7 million.
So the big thing, and only thing that really matters, we learned from the weekend is that it is Deadpool’s world.
We are all just living in it.
That movie is so popular that the blu-ray is even a best-seller on Amazon!

Did’t get enough Deadpool?
Check out this video by Mr Sunday Movies that talks about easter eggs in the film.

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