I Am Already Over Deadpool

I am a really harsh critic.
First I say the movie is going to suck.
Then I say it’s great!
Now I tell you that the character is being shown everyone.
Good thing I’m not an actor.
I mean Paul Walker died and I still gave him a hard time.
outer space
It’s happening.
I can see it.
Do you see the overexposure of Deadpool?
I certainly do.
The industry knows they have something so they will go with it until we hate it.
Or Ryan Reynolds kills himself.
The expectations we have for the sequel will be so high that it can do nothing but fail.
Was it bad?
But they publicized it so much that we thought it had to live up to the hype.
Anything short of a classic wasn’t good enough.
Heck even a classic may not do.
Look at the recent Star Wars movie.
Was it great?
It was alright.
Not bad.
Just not great.
It had its moments, but overall it was a very average action film.
If it was a baseball player it would be in your starting lineup.
It may even make the All-star team a few times.
But it is not the best player ever by any stretch of the imagination.
star wars
But let’s get back to Deadpool.
People liked the movie.
Ryan Reynolds is really good as the character.
So what is going to happen because of that success?
We will see him everywhere.
Promoting anything.
Talking about anything.
Doing anything to sell the brand.
Like this video.
Note: It is NSFW

Is this funny?
But didn’t I see this already in the movie?
How much longer will this go on until people get tired of this act?
I don’t want it to happen.
But I know it will happen.
We will demand bigger explosions, badder enemies, more characters and what will then happen?
Even that won’t satisfy us.
The franchise will become a joke of itself.
Like what happened to Batman.
Where even a good movie will be mocked.
My god we gave Bane a hard time for how he spoke.
His speaking!
That is what we didn’t like about the movie!
Who cares about the intricate plot, the great acting and Batman’s struggle?
No, Bane spoke funny so we joked about the movie.
What are we going to do for the Deadpool sequel, joke about how Cable’s arm is too shiny?
Asshole bloggers may even write posts about it.
wrong cable
Can you blame Deadpool for jumping on his recent success?
Not really.
He is just giving the people what they want.
We want to hear his jokes.
To hear his delusional view of the world.
I don’t know how many of us want to see him having sex but nevertheless, right now, we want Deadpool.
Until we don’t.
Until we kick him to the side.
And wiseass bloggers write about they knew all along that Deadpool would stink.
That he would become a parody of himself.
That Ryan Reynolds went to the well one too many times with the character.
Because it turns out we wanted way too much out of the franchise.
Disappointment was its only guarantee.

cable arm

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