Why The Revenant Will Win A Bunch Of Awards

Here is why I think the The Revenant will win so many freaking awards, including some Oscars.
You can sum it up with one word; apolitical.
There you go.
You don’t have to read the rest of this.
You can go watch TV or go on youtube or go to the gym now.
This post is already over, since I already summed it up by saying that The Revenant will win because it is apolitical.

Can you imagine if I just stopped writing there?

What I mean is that The Revenant has no real message that can scare Hollywood.
Nothing about it is too risky for them to it give high praise.
It doesn’t really offend anyone.
Unlike that Will Smith movie.
That scared the hell out of the NFL, so it got no mentions.
Being good is not the only thing that gets people to these awards shows.
You have to make something that goes with what they are going for.
Or just say nothing that can hurt their feelings.
Like The Revenant did.


Hollywood will probably even give themselves credit for putting actual Native Americans as Native Americans in the movie.
They will definitely bring up how great it is that the life and culture of these people is mentioned in films.
And it is about time we do that.
They are patting themselves on the back for properly portraying people.
Aren’t they supposed to do that?
Isn’t that their job?
What the hell have they been doing if they haven’t done that?
I love how movies give themselves so much credit for depicting real life.
Even though real life is nothing like the movies.
There is still a cameraman and a director and a set.
It’s still fake.
I don’t care how accurate they are with their portrayals.
Also don’t tell me how great it is that you got history right when the main character survives a bear attack.
Because that is really going to happen.
Why not have him get struck by lightning while being mauled by a bear as the Native Americans chase him as he is suffering a heart attack?
You might as well go home, you’re already past third base.

native americans
Plus the setting of the film is something that Hollywood can boast about.
Look how we made this great film.
Look at that bear.
Look at the snow.
We did that.

We are so cool.

Hollywood likes to talk about how important they are, obviously, they have a night celebrating themselves.
I think that is the definition of self-centered.
self centered
And lastly they can talk about Leonard DiCaprio.
One of the most respected and well-liked actors of his generation.
So they know that he will give a good performance and fans will like the movie.
Most fans, at least.
They may be some who don’t.
Let’s see.
The movie says nothing about the world.
Says something about us. (Hollywood)
And has a big name in it.
Give this movie all the awards you can.

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