It Is Not A Coincidence That Chris Rock Is Hosting The Academy Awards, Plus Why I Want Leo To Lose

What the hell is the Academy Awards?
Is that for movies?
Is it the Oscars?
Wait, so they get Oscars at the Academy Awards?
Why don’t they get academies?
And it is for movies?
Only movies?
If you say so.
So what are the award shows for music and television?

That is how I see the Academy Awards.
Don’t talk to me about the nominees or possible winners.
I am not interested.
I won’t even watch the program.
A movie isn’t any better because it won an Academy Award.
If I like a movie and it doesn’t win an award, I won’t all of a sudden hate the film.
The movie should be fine without a trophy.
Having said that let me talk about the fakest night on television.
Well one of the fakest nights on television.

As some of you may know there weren’t any brothers voted into this year for any categories for the Academy Awards.
Some feel like race had to do with it.
I don’t know if that is the case.
Maybe it is.
Maybe it isn’t.
This controversy is also for an irrelvant award show.
So who knows?
Maybe blacks just had a bad year.
Maybe the Academy Awards is racist.
I don’t know.
That is way too much time devoted to people who would get more publicity for saying words that I wrote than I care to give.
If I ever won an Academy Award for a book I wrote, you know who would know about it?
No one.
But if the actor in the film that was based on my book got an award, everyone would talk about him.
So I am not really sure where I am on the coverage we give the award winners, black or white.
I am an author, not an actor.
george lopez
Anyway, guess who they got to host the Academy Awards this year?
Chris Rock.
The one comedian who uses racial humor more than any other comedian.
That is like if the latino community had a problem with their representation in the awards show and having George Lopez host the event.
The guy has a specialty that just so happens to be what the whole controvery is about.
And I am expected to think nothing of it?
To just sit back and laugh at his jokes.
I won’t.
The Academy knew as soon as there were no black people on the ballot that they were going with Chris Rock as their host.
That was planned.
Also I am not blaming Rock here.
Is it his fault?
That dude is going to make more money that night than the rest of his year combined.
Although, I will be honest, I am not sure.
Maybe I should blame him.
For selling out in a certain respect.
He jokes about the lack of diversity only to receive money by who exactly?
Rock will joke about white people controlling the event, as he gets paid by a white man.
So Chris Rock is not out of the clear in this but any means.
I just don’t know how much responsibility he had in hosting the show.
They chose him.
Not the other way around.
So yeah, call me crazy, but the whole thing was planned.
They put no blacks on the ballot.
Say they are racist to create controversy. (Yeah, they called themselves racists!)
Then pick a host known for making black jokes.

That seems thought out if you ask me.

Oh yeah, I’m sure that he won’t say anything about race.
Nothing at all.
I give him a minute before he makes a joke about all the crackers in the audience.
I give myself ten seconds of watching the show.
I may have to walk by the TV a few times during the night.

Now on to Leo.
Oh Leo.
My favorite actor.
Okay, one of my favorite actors.
You’re great.
But I hope you don’t win.
First off your movie sucked.
Secondly, why do we need to give this man more credit?
He’s got looks, money, and women.
He doesn’t need an Academy Award.
I want to see DiCaprio lose, just so I can see that look on his face, when the other guy wins.
We give actors too much the way it is.
I don’t want to see him win anything.
Sorry, that is the author in me talking.

leonardo dicaprio

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