The Best Scene In The Original Ghostbusters

Before I do a trailer review of the new Ghostbusters movie, I wanted to share what I feel is the best scene in the original movie.
No, not the library.
Or the Stay Puft Man.
Or the Twinkie.
But the car ride.
Wait, what car ride?
dead rising
This is when Ray (Dan Akyroyd) and Winston (Ernie Husdon) are driving and Winston brings up God.
He presents their current situation as something more meaningful than the other characters would like to imagine.
The reason they are so busy because it is actually the end of the world.
This type of thinking could only come from Ernie Hudson’s character.
Ray obviously would not think of it.
Egon and Venkman wouldn’t.
But he is the only one who would mention that what they are doing it more than ghost-hunting.
At least, it could be.

This scene could have been longer too.
Because they could have gone on about how they are some sort of saviors or saints since they are the ones fighting the dead, or the ghosts.
I mean, they would be to a certain extent if they are going by The Bible.
Either way, this scene is great because it makes us see both characters and the situation differently.
No matter how smart Ray is, he doesn’t really grasp what may actually be going on.
And Ernie, despite not having any science background, thinks there may be something bigger go on.
And if it is the end of days then there is more going on in the movie than just a bunch of weird guys with guns shooting ghosts.
Also writing wise, this scene is later used in the more popular dickless scene,

It does make you wonder, just how much they were kidding?
Earlier in the film Ray and Winston alluded to there being some apocalyptic event happening.
And now they are discussing it with the mayor.
Did they use that to get out of jail?
Or did they really believe they are apart of some Biblical event?

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