How Am I Not Supposed To Think That The Reviews Are Bullshit?

Recently I have posted about the Academy Awards.
About how there is some political stand at the awards show.
Whether they want to admit it or not.
The black people aren’t in the movies controversy.
The Revenant almost winning Best Picture
And Spotlight winning it.
There were definitely some issues the awards shows wanted to bring up.
And others they didn’t.
But I am not talking about that.
I want to talk about how that relates to movie reviews now.
The ones that you see on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB.
The reviews that you as a movie-goer select to get a grasp of the latest movies.
Besides this great blog. (Obviously)
We can already agree that The Academy Awards has a political agenda and yet I am just supposed to go to the sites with some of those same people who review the films with the Academy Award agenda and views them as unbiased?
That is not happening.
Sorry reviews.
But I trust myself over you.
I guess that is why the new Zootopia movie is getting such high praise.
If you catch my drift.
the lion king
The reviews aren’t political!
Please they are as political as the Oscars themselves.
That’s like this speech by Leo.

Come on man, leave the environment alone for a second.
You won an Oscar. Celebrate.
Don’t warn us how we will all be gone in the near future.
So who do you think told him to bring up the environment?
You think the two parties agreed; Leo gets the Oscar as long as he brings up climate change?
awards shows
Don’t believe me that the Oscars are political?
Don’t take my word for it.
Listen to this guy.
He says it at the end.

robin williams

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