Box Office Review: Three New Films In Top Five

The top five grossing movies in theaters this past weekend are as follows:
courtesy of Box Office Mojo
1. Zootopia 75 Million – first week
2. London Has Fallen – 21 million – first week
3. Deadpool – 16 million – fourth week
4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – 7 million – first week
5. Gods Of Egypt – 5 million – second week

Here are a few things I learned from this weekend.
1. So three of the top five are new movies.
That is alot for one weekend.
I am interested in if any of the three have any staying power.
2. Finally, Deadpool is cooling down.
It is about time that the movie starts to slow down a bit.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see the movie slip.
My question is, how fast does it fall?
Or is Deadpool capable of getting 8-10 million for a few weeks?
3. Zootopia did everything right.
It came out when Kung Fu Panda 3 was done with its run.
It had no other competetition in the family animation category.
And it was also a highly praised film.
Smart people are behind that movie.

4. Gods of Egypt sucks.
But we knew that already so that doesn’t count.

FUN BOX OFFICE FACT: In early Elizabethan times, theatres admitted the general public into the ground level “pit” without charge. Before the play began, a plate was passed through the mostly standing pit audience and, like a church collection, an established amount was expected for different seats and rows. For the wealthy patrons who bought private balcony boxes for the season, tickets were conveniently held near the entrance in what was called the box office. (courtesy of quora)
popcorn machine

Top Box Office Movie: 1996
Twenty years ago on March 8th the movie The Birdcage, was released starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.
It became the highest grossing gay/lesbian film of all time.

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