Why I Hate The Purge Movies

I just saw a trailer for the movie.
The Purge: Election Year.
And it sucked.
And for multiple reasons.
Not only did it have awful quality, but it offended me as well.

Most times I either hate a movie or feel offended by it.
This movie did both.
Let me explain why this movie sucks.
And you shouldn’t see it.
Honestly if you watched that trailer and are excited for the movie, you should see someone.

Here are my reasons I hate this movie.
1. It’s trying to be political.
Let me get the political crap out the way.
I won’t tell you who I am voting for, but I have a problem that a movie this stupid is trying to be somewhat political.
The words “election year” are in the title for god’s sake.
Am I supposed to think that is a joke?
If so, then the creators to this, are more insane than I thought.
There is a major election coming up and this movie is trying to pretend like it is about politics.
As if it is trying to influence voters.
And don’t tell me the movie needs politics.
The movie is about killing people without consequences.
Does it really need the politics involved for the story to continue?
Never mind, that is assuming there is a story.
election year
2. Unwarranted knock on The Church.
There is a scene in the trailer where The Church is apart of the purge rituals.
Which disgusts me on so many levels.
I get it.
The Church isn’t great.
There was the priests-with-the boys-incidents.
There was the Inquisition.
But to depict The Church as pure evil is wrong.
I can’t just sit idly by and accept that.
Billions of people follow that church and they have the balls to pretend like they would be apart of something like that in today’s society.
This part makes me mad so here is a funny song about the church.

And because I am so upset over this whole thing, here is another scene.
See these guys made fun of The Church but in a playful way.
No one was being brutally murdered.

3. The knock on America.
The movie acts as if it is American for some reason.
I have no idea why.
They mock the Statue Of Liberty, and the whole country of America in the trailer.
And then they play the song.
Give me a break.
This movie has nothing to do with American ideals.
All they are doing is making fun of the country.
I am pretty convinced that the people who made this movie hate America.
Why else would you make this crap?
For the message?
That gets me to my fourth point.
4. There is no message.
Just a bunch of people going around killing each other.
That’s it?
That is the plot?
Do they think it is a Call Of Duty game?
So I am going to watch people brutally kill each other and after it is all said and done there will be a stupid life lesson.
Like, “fight the good fight”
Or “remember the golden rule”
Then what the hell was all that disgusting crap for anyway?
No one was talking about morals before the ending!
5. Just the violence.
It is too violent for me.
Some people like that stuff.
They enjoy seeing a person’s head chopped off.
I don’t.
I would rather watch a well-acted movie with no blood, than a badly-acted movie with a ton of blood.
Movies are not blood drives.
Just because you have more doesn’t make it better.

So I am not going to see this movie.
Everytime someone brings up this movie, I will mock it.
I will talk badly of it.
I will mention the points that I told you.
Because it doesn’t deserve praise.
For you to go to the theaters and spend money on this Anti-America, Anti-Catholic, politically driven bloodbath they call a movie.
I don’t call it a movie.
I call it a waste of my time and money.
The only thing this movie deserves is criticism for its skewed message and twisted images.

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One thought on “Why I Hate The Purge Movies

  1. I haven’t seen this movie but I have seen the first. I agree that its totally too violent and essentially all that violence is unnecessary. I got the point the first movie tried to make but making more than one is utterly useless. Thanks for your insight, I will definitely not watch this one 🙂


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