The Way The Marvel Franchise Should End


Marvel is trying to take over the movie universe.
Literally and figuratively.
They are making Captain America and his pals punch everyone they can find on screen.
And off screen, every action movie not with Marvel is trying to be Marvel with their special effects and superheroes.
So how will this all end?
Can Iron Man really fight forever?
I know The Hulk can.
But how long is it until the characters don’t have to fight.
Will it ever end?
Oh god. I hope it does.
This can’t just keep going and going and going like that Energizer Bunny.
I have come out with the best (or maybe worst) way for Marvel to end all this fighting.
Make it a dream.
Well kind of.
action figures
At least make it what a kid thinks happens when the kid goes to the amusement park for the superheroes in the movie.
Look at that.
Product placement and clever story telling.
Or the whole thing could just be a big F-you to fans.
Still, how awesome would it be if we learn that all these movies were not meant to be taken seriously?
They were made up.
A kid imagined them as his family went through the park.
So by leaving the park with all of his action figures from the movies, the franchise ends.
Because the kid is no longer at the park.
Will they do this?
They will make up some moral purpose to the fighting.
And make up more evil characters so that the good guys have someone to fight.
Basically Marvel has done with their movies what we all do with our stuff.

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