A Movie Based On A Video Game Based On A Book That Was Already Made Into A Movie

They did it.
They officially ran out of ideas for movies.
You know why?
Because they are now releasing Warcraft.

Based on the game World Of Warcraft.
Which was already based on Lord Of The Rings.
Which was already made into a movie.

Yeah so that is where we are with movies.
They are now making movies out of stuff already made and claiming it to be original.
Hey, we could do worse.
There could be a movie within a movie within a movie.
And people wonder why there is the stigma that movies are no longer original.
Because they aren’t.
I am not going to see this movie.
It looks just like the Lord Of The Rings.
I saw that already.
Spoiler alert: They toss the ring into a pit of fire.
I never played World Of Warcraft and I won’t be anywhere near the theaters this one is in.
Which isn’t fair to this film.
Because it may be great.
It may have something to offer.
But going in, the odds are against it.
First off it is based on a video game.
Which means that the movie, at best, will be decent.
Name the best video game film ever.
Trick question, there is none.
Second it is based on one of the most beloved movie franchises ever made.
People will make comparisons to Lord Of The Rings.
Whether this movie wants them to or not.
But that is the deal they signed up for.
You make a movie with a repeated theme, so the setup is easy, but the payoff is hard.
Maybe the built in fan base will go.
Because eventually video games will be successful at the box office.
It is only a matter of time.

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2 thoughts on “A Movie Based On A Video Game Based On A Book That Was Already Made Into A Movie

  1. WarCraft isn’t purely a LOTR rip-off even though it was visibly inspired by many fantasy elements, but it has an intricate storyline told through the games(in fact it was the storyline itself that made the games stand out so well), and there’s lots of interesting stories told in the franchise that can in good faith validate the creation of the movies. Lord knows there are already many novels written in the WarCraft franchise with all sorts of heroes and storylines, and a movie adaptation of the first game(which deals with themes utterly incompatible to LOTR) is absolutely welcome.


    1. I feel like there are two types of people for this movie. those, like you who will support it because of the massive popularity that the game has build over the years.
      And those, like me, who will look at it and say it is Lord Of The Rings with a different title.


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