Box Office Review: Zootopia Still Number 1

Here are the top five movies at the box office for this weekend.

    1. Zootopia – 51 million – second week – 140 million total
    2. 10 Cloverfield Lane – 24 million – first week
    3. Deadpool – 10 million – fifth week – 328 million total
    4. London Has Fallen – 10 million – second week – 39 million total
    5. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – 4 million – second week – 14 million total
    (courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

    And just a few things I got from this weekend.
    1. Where is Sacha?
    Wait, a minute. I thought Sacha Bara Cohen had a new movie coming out.
    Where is that movie in the tope five?
    I think I made a mistake.
    Oh no, I didn’t.
    It came in eighth place.
    That sucks.
    If that movie didn’t have the name of the guy who made Borat, I wouldn’t even be writing about it.
    Also on a side note, as a person who never liked his humor, I am, I don’t want to say happy he failed.
    But I am certainly not disappointed.
    borat 2

    2. Zootopia is a hit.
    It’s official.
    Kids love it.
    Parents love it.
    Everyone love this movie.

    3. Deadpool is that good?
    I was first going to write here about the greatness of the Deadpool movie.
    But then I stopped.
    Is it really that great?
    Or do the movies out now suck?
    Which movies would you pay to see more than once?
    That is how I am defining a great movie right now.
    If you are not only going for the first showing, but the second and third and fourth.
    I can name three that I would see twice in the theaters.
    Zootopia, Deadpool, and Star Wars: The Forec Awakens.
    I mean, there isn’t that much competiition for Deadpool.
    Movies today are not made for three and four showings.
    Just for the first big draw and then people move on to the next on.
    But I don’t won’t to get into the how the evolution of the movie industry has affected the films.
    Maybe another time.
    So, is Deadpool good?
    Or is everything else bad?
    4. There was a movie called 10 Cloverfield Lane.
    It came out this past weekend.
    Apparently it is a spiritual sequel (not my words) to Cloverfield.
    Which has me raise the question, “What the heck is a spiritual sequel?”
    Apparently people even review this so-called movie.

    5. I still don’t know the name to that Tina Fey movie.
    What is it called again?
    Oh, whatever.
    Next time she is in a better movie I hope it has a better title.
    One that I can remember.


    Deadpool has the highest grossing movie opening for a movie released in February ever with 132 million. (as of 2016)


    TOP BOX OFFICE: 1992
    Back in 1992 for the weekend of March 13-15 the movie Wayne’s World topped the charts. The film starred Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey as their SNL characters Wayne and Garth. It was the fifth consecutive week at number one for the movie.

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