Why I Am Not Going Crazy Over The New Batman Superman Movie

This weekend Batman will fight Superman in the movie Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justice.
Here is the trailer.

There are a few things that I am not really happy about.
1. They tell me in the trailer that it is a big deal.
No shit Sherlock.
I know that Batman and Superman fighting is going to be awesome.
But they don’t have to tell me in the trailer that it is.
They are just the two most popular superheros battling it out.
But please, go on how this match up is unprecedented.

2. Lex Luthor looks like he is going to suck.
I am not a fan of Jesse Eseinberg.
I have been saying it from the beginning.
They needed someone who had the star power of Ben Affleck.
Who you thought could actually be Lex Luthor, and who may actually be smarter than Superman and could win.
It is why The Dark Knight was so good.
The Joker is a great counter to Batman because he wins.
At least sometimes.
My pick for Lex Luthor was Leonardo DiCaprio.
But that is just me.
Imagine instead of me ripping apart The Revenant, I could have praised Leo for his role in this film.
3. It references itself but it pretends like doesn’t.
When Perry White says, “No one wants to see Clark Kent battle Batman.”
Or when Lex Luthor says, “Wow. This man has a strong grip. Do not get into a fight with this man.”
Why don’t they just come out and say it?
i get it
4. You can tell they are trying to make it bigger and better than the other one.
This one kind of has to do with the first point.
From the religious element, to the clashing of titans.
This movie is making itself out to be as if we as viewers are watching gods battle.
Which may or may not work.
5. It is all just a lead-up.
Don’t get me wrong.
I love Batman and Superman.
But even they can’t fight the industry standard that superhero movies are not made by themselves.
This is all just a beginning for the next movie.
Which really sucks for me.
Since I don’t want to see Suicide Squad. (that is not the next movie either Batman or Superman is in, but it is in the DC movie universe)

Did you really think I was going to talk shit about Ben Affleck?
That dude looks jacked for this movie.
So yeah, I am keeping that one alone.


There a plus size to all of this.
The shirts look cool.
No pun intended.

And Gal Gadot looks like fine as Wonder Woman.
I really have to stop with these puns.

wonder woman

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