Why The Hell Did They Make A Sequel?

In case you haven’t hear there is a sequel coming out for “Now You See Me”
Because everyone was demanding there be one.
Who cares about Trump riots?
There were riots for this movie to be made.

In all seriousness, why is this movie being made?
The first one was alright.
If it wasn’t for WatchMojo spoiling it for me, I wouldn’t have watched it.
So thanks for spoiling the movie?

It was weird watching the first one, because I felt like they were talking about the Illuminati, but they never say the word, Illuminati.
Was it just me thinking that?
At one point Mark Ruffalo’s character, I’ll be frank, I don’t remember any of the character’s names.
And neither do you.
His character was talking about some secret group that controls everything, with the Eye and all that other bullshit conspiracy theorists talk about.
And he presented it as if none of us know about it.
As if he was the only one that knew of the group.
Dude, we all know about the weird ass people who control shit with their pentagrams and whatever else they believe in.
I never got it.
So because Jack Black stands on a picture, I am supposed to have less faith in what I already believe in?
That’s just confusing.
I was waiting for someone to say the word, Illuminati.
But it never happened.
And then to make it weirder, the bad guy (Ruffalo) is apart of that secret group?
I thought the point was that they were trying to find the bad guy?
But the bad guy, who turns out to be some Illuminati puppet master, wins?
That is weird.
The whole movie was just out there.
With the magic, to the choice of actors, to the message.
Because who doesn’t want to see Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo in a movie together?
I didn’t really get the first movie.
I wasn’t crazy about it.
I would not have wanted to see a sequel.
And what happens?
They make a sequel.

Oh and by the way, I like the title, Catch Me If You Can, better.

catch me

FUN FACT: The original, Now You See Me was released in 2013 and made 117 million at the box office.

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