Box Office Review: An Awful Weekend

1. Zootopia – 37 million – 200 million total – 3rd week
2.The Divergent Series: Allegient – 29 million – first week
3. Miracles From Heaven – 14 million – 18 million total – first week
4. 10 Cloverfield Lane – 12 million – 45 million total – second week
5. Deadpool – 8 million – 340 million – sixth week

Here is what I got from the Box Office this weekend.
1. I really should have written a YA apocalyptic book.
What am I thinking with my new book coming out (like that cheap plug?)
YA postapocalytptic franchises are where the money is.
Even if they stink.
You stretch them out into a trilogy with four films and I never have to write another blog post again.
Damn. I missed my chance.
I just had to write about Halloween.
next time
2. That Heaven Is For Real kid made another movie.
I think.
Isn’t that what Miracles From Heaven is about?
I am completely off here?
Oh, not only am I completely off, I am not even being funny either.
Okay, let’s move on.

3. Deadpool is falling (finally).
I have written too much about Deadpool on this blog.
It is about time that guy just leaves already.
I would like to write about other movies.
4. The weekend was awful.
If you didn’t see any of the movies out then you didn’t miss anything.
If you didn’t see Zootopia yet, then you probably don’t have kids, or are not one.
If you didn’t see Deadpool yet, then you probably aren’t a fan of his anyway.
And if you didn’t see 10 Cloverfield Lane, then you probably didn’t know it was out.
So what did you miss?
Two overused storylines.



FUN BOX OFFICE FACT: Back To The Future took the longest amount of days to get to 200 million dollars. It took that film 232 days to reach that mark. And With how movies try to make 200 million in their first two weekends, I am not sure if this mark will be touched anytime soon.

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