Why Batman Is Not As Smart As Everyone Thinks

I have told you that Superman may actually be The Devil
I have bitched about the Superman vs Batman movie.
Now I will explain why Batman is not as smart as we are led to believe he is.
It is actually very simple.
Nothing he does is original.
Look at his utility belt.
Oh, wow, he has a bunch of gear on him for any situation he comes across.
So do soliders.
He doesn’t fight. He thinks out the situation as he punches his enemy.
Ah, yeah, every fighter does that.
I am pretty sure that I can get an amateur boxer who does that.
His car is just a tank.
Wow. That’s impressive.
He took what the army already uses for his own purpose.

He didn’t create his fighting styles.
Did he invent boxing?
Did he come up with new ways to beat a guy to a pulp?
All he did was do it as Batman.
Someone told him to do it and he did it.
No innovation was needed on his part.
The guy lies about how deadly he can be in order to scare enemies.
Of course he is going to say he is the best fighter in the world.
That is part of the Batman persona.
He didn’t create anything in his utility belt.
I mean, the actual items.
None of those are inventions of Bruce Wayne.
All he did was take a preexisting idea and put the Bat name on it.
Here are the items in his utility belt. (courtesy of Quora.com)
Batarangs: Shuriken or boomerang based throwing blades made to resemble the symbol of a bat. Some Alternate versions of his Batarangs explode, emit electrical blasts, and sometimes come with detonators.
Grappling Hook: Also known as the Bat-Claw. Batman can use this to grapple onto high locations or can grab hold of a criminal by directing it at him, he sometimes uses it to catch run-away street thugs that cannot put up a fight against him.
Gas Mask: This is used to protect Batman from dangerous fumes and other airborne chemicals. This fits over the bottom half of the mask.
Re-breather: allows Batman to breathe underwater or in a vacuum
Night Vision Goggles: This allows for Batman to see in dark or dim-lit areas. It also grants him the ability to view the infrared spectrum. Now built into his mask
Sonar: Used in his mask to locate criminals.
Tracers: Bat-shaped signal tracers that can adhere to most if not all surfaces.
Communicators: Batman communicates with different members of his team and also with other superhero allies using closed-circuited signals.
Lock Picks: Batman uses these to open locked doors.
Cuffs: Special cuffs that only few enemies and heroes can break out of. Batman can quickly lock an enemy to a pole or deliver him to the police.
Bolas: Batman swings these Bat-Bolas over his head to wrap up an enemy.
Smoke Grenades and Pellets: Batman can throw these grenades in order to use a stealth technique, distract an enemy, escape a situation, or plan his next course of action.
Sonic Grenades: These disrupt electronics and disorient enemy hearing.
Flash Grenades: This gadget is used to temporarily blind enemies.

Mini-Mines: Mines that can fit in any small area or used as low-grade explosives during combat.
Thermite Explosives: Capable of burning through most materials.
Plastique: Small exploding devices that have a timer or detonator switch to activate.
Tasers: Batman carries this to shock or neutralize an enemy.. This Weapon was more than often used in the Golden Age / Movies.
Brass Knuckles: Used to engage an enemy with more force behind his blows.
Tactical Knife: Batman does not use this in combat, but he has used this to cut through many durable materials.
Mini-Computer: Batman carries two of these. One is located in his utility belt and another is located in his left arm. It appears as a virtual computer that he can contact other heroes or find out strategic areas in certain places.
First Aid Kit: Used to aid in treating wounds. Alfred normally uses this to tend to His Master’s wounds.
Forensics Kit: Batman keeps two of these, one in his utility belt and the other in his vehicles.
Kryptonite Ring: Inside a lead-lined box is a ring with a green kryptonite jewel to battle Superman if he ever went rogue.
Now can you name one of those items that Bruce Wayne invented on his own?
That Batman made first?
Because everything Batman uses, has and is used by other people in the world.
You can say that he uses it the best, but then isn’t that what Batman wants you to believe?
Honestly, it is a big deal that he carries around a computer and a first aid kit?
Or a knife and some handcuffs?
Really? Those are the gadgets that make him so amazing?

He is the world’s greatest detective.
Says who?
What, did the guy discover DNA?
No. He uses scientific principles that have been used since Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes.
Way to go Bats, you are doing what any other great detective does.

The best thing that Batman did was create the Batman name.
That he is a powerful enemy to all the gangsters and thugs of the world.
That any who oppose him, should fear him.
And that he is the world’s greatest fighter and detective.
It is this name that Batman tries to live up to.
Even if he isn’t the smartest, you know what you are getting.
Dedication and heart from a very disciplined and smart man.
Is he the best?
No, not necessarily.
Superman and other heroes are stronger and smarter than him.
But no one has the dedication as Batman.
You can trust him with anything.
He is as reliable as it gets.
Which is why Superman and him become friends.
Not because Superman wants a rival, but because Superman knows he can trust Batman.
If you give Batman a responsiblity, he won’t mess up.
So when people say Batman is the best superhero because he is so smart, I disagree.
It is not his brains that set him apart.
It is that he will do anything to get the job done.
No matter whether he can win or not.
To Batman, it is personal, which means he will lose everything if he has to.
Why does he not fear losing?
Because he already lost the two most important people in his life.

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