I Admit I Was Wrong With Jesse Eseinberg As Lex Luthor

I admit it.
I was wrong.
I underestimated Jesse Eseinberg as an actor and I was off with my prediction that he would ruin the Superman Vs Batman movie.
He didn’t ruin the movie.
In fact, in my opinion, he was great as Lex Luuthor.
Before the movie came out, I said that he would stink as the iconic villain.
The poor guy even got his own point.
lex luthor
2. Lex Luthor looks like he is going to suck.
I am not a fan of Jesse Eseinberg.
I have been saying it from the beginning.
They needed someone who had the star power of Ben Affleck.
Who you thought could actually be Lex Luthor, and who may actually be smarter than Superman and could win.
It is why The Dark Knight was so good.
The Joker is a great counter to Batman because he wins.
At least sometimes.
My pick for Lex Luthor was Leonardo DiCaprio.
But that is just me.
Imagine instead of me ripping apart The Revenant, I could have praised Leo for his role in this film.

I am glad to say that Eseinberg really made the character his own.
From his muttering, to his genius manipulating of the heroes.
Now, if you don’t like that, if you are one of those people who wanted Lex Luthor to be like the one in the cartoon.
Or maybe you think Billy Zane should have be given the role.
You are on to something.
You are correct with disliking the new Lex Luthor if you are not into what he changed with the character.
Eseinberg brought a sense of panic to the character.
Like he was ready to lose it at any time.
You could tell he was the bad guy.
That was the big difference he made with the villain.
The cartoon Lex Luthor was more calm, more in control.
But Eseinberg had his Luthor more unstable.
I viewed it as him causing chaos wherever he went.
If you view it as him being a whiny bitch, I would understand that take.

I changed my mind after seeing the movie..
Eseinberg makes you see that this his Lex Luthor is insane, even stubbling through a speak at one point in the film.
He is a genius and the smartest man in the room, but he also knows how to control everyone in the room.
You may or may not like this new Luthor.
But I say, give this Lex Luthor a chance.
I did, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I am interested to see if they make this Lex Luthor president and if they did, what Eseinberg would do with it.

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