Why Do Critics Hate The Batman Vs Superman Movie So Much?

Go to Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB
Or any other site and what will you find out about the Batman Vs Superman movie?
Critics are not seeing the same movie that everyone else is seeing.

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 29 % Rotten Tomatoes Viewers – 73 %
IMDB Critics – 44/100 IMDB Viewers 7.5
Moviephone – 44/100 has no viewer score
Metacritic 44/100 Viewers – 7.3
Roger Ebert – 2 1/2 stars has no viewer score
MrQE – 47/100 has no viewer score
Flixter – 29 % Flixter Viewers – 73 %
Fandango – no critic score Fandando user score – 4 stars

Note: IMDB and Moviephone use the Metacritic score, and Flixter uses the Rotten Tomatoes score (Which is another post altogether on the control of reviews, but that is for another day)
But if you are into the sort of stuff, then you should read why I don’t listen to reviews.

What, did these critics all have the same scorecard for this?
What the hell?
I am only imagining senior citizens with notepads comparing notes as they remark that movies todday are just too action packed.
Where is the real acting?
They are so desperate that they are putting Superman and Batman together.
(insert old time actor) didn’t need a cape to make a great movie.

I am probably very off with that take on critics.
They are obviously Marvel fans and would never say that movies are desperate but rather that they never really liked Superman anyway.
The only site I could find that has a favorable review for the movie is on Fandango and that is because the critics are no where to be found.
How can the critics hate this movie, yet the people, you know the ones who matter and help the movie break box office records, like it?
At first I thought that it made no sense.
But then I thought about it some more, had a cup of coffee, took a shower, went for a walk, caught up with a few friends, and then, only then did I come to realize that the critics are not completely off with their note taking.
So here are a few reasons why critics would hate this movie.
1. It is not original.
Seriously Superman and Batman?
I hate to say it but that probably hurt the film.
You are not seeing it as just another film.
You are comparing it to Nolan’s Batman or Reeves’s Superman.
Which is not fair to the film.
Since the film would have to not only be great, but better than great, because the standard is so high.
2. It is too fast paced.
The movie doesn’t explain everything step-by-step.
Like when Batman is driving after the kryptonite and then Lex Luthor walks into his lab only to find a batarang.
Did they tell you that Batman did it?
Well no.
But they just hope you know and move on.

3. No depth of characters.
Who is that beautiful woman?
Is she that guy’s wife?
What is going on?
If you didn’t know that Wonder Woman was in the movie, you may not like the movie.
They never explicitly say she is Wonder Woman.
You are kind of left in the dark.
She has little back story and less dialogue.
4. The dreams are very trippy.
If you don’t like the dream seqeuences in the film.
If you think they are out of place, that they do’t help the plot, or are just plain bad, then you have a reason to hate this film.
5. The mention of the Justice League.
This is similar to the Wonder Woman point.
See, I know this stuff, so when I saw The Flash, or Cyborg, or Aqua Man, I knew what was going on.
I didn’t need an explanation.
“Oh shoot that is The Flash warning Batman!”
I was fully aware of The Flash’s time traveling capabilities so I didn’t take anything away for the film for including that part.
But if I didn’t know about the characters, or if I didn’t care.
Then I would rip those scenes apart as just a lead-in.

Final Thought: It is not a Marvel movie people.
Get over it.
Not everyone is quipping about the building that just fell.
There is little humor in it, and I am fine with that.
I feel like this movie was very good and I enjoyed watching it despite the lack of comedic elements the film brought.
Don’t expect it to be a Marvel movie.
Where everyone just comes together.
The rooms are always well lit and the tone is not as dark.
This isn’t a Marvel movie.
And you know what?
It shouldn’t be a Marvel movie.
I am glad to see Snyder take some risks in this movie.
They all didn’t pay off.
But if he is going to take risks now, he may take some later, which means the storytelling should be unpredictable in the future.
If the critics hated this movie so damn much, why don’t they just go see The Avengers again and stop wasting the viewer’s time.
Because clearly the viewers saw a very different film than the critics.

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Critics Hate The Batman Vs Superman Movie So Much?

  1. You forget to list some of the more common complains. Like “The editing is horrible”, “Lex Luther is annoying”, “The movie is overstuffed” and the most popular “This movie is a mess”.


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