Apparently Miracles From Heaven Isn’t A Movie

Last week I told you about how IHeart Radio reported a different top five than me.
Well, this week they did it again.
In their weekly report that runs as a commercial during regular programming, they don’t tell you that Miracles From Heaven is the fourth highest grossing movie this past week.
Why don't they mention that one movie
I mean seriously?
What is that about?
Once is on me.
Twice is, they don’t want to bring up the movie.
I’ll be honest with you, here.
I have no clue, why IHeeart Radio wouldn’t bring up this movie.
Is this some sort of anti-Heaven thing?
Or whatever that movie is about.
At first, or should I say second, I thought that the movie wasn’t listed because it may not have been in big release.
Maybe it wasn’t in enough theaters.
It was in more theaters than 10 Cloverfield Lane.
Yeah, so that got rid of that option.
Does the lack of attention this movie is getting due to the company behind it?
Maybe they aren’t putting the movie into the promo that IHeart is running?
Tristar is the distributor of the film and is a division of Sony Pictures.
The others in the top five are Buena Vista (Disney), Warner Brothers, Paramount and Lionsgate.
And all I am saying is that Miracles From Heaven is the only movie that is even represented from that company in the top five.
Or anywhere on the list.
So maybe?
I am just speculating here, but I find it really interesting how the box office review for the past two weeks has yet to bring up one movie.

I get it.
The movie company is relying on no-name bloggers to promote the film so that they can save on money.

so what is the point
So what do I want you to get from all of this?
Next time, you hear, or read a weekly box office review, check with another source.
Don’t just take everything they say for face value.
Because for some reason they won’t just give you the top five movies.
This Miracles From Heaven movie gets no mention.
I am curious if the same thing will happen for another movie, once this one has made its box office run.

Listen to IHeart Radio this week and listen for the Box Office Review.
You will see that I am not making this up.
They ignore the film.
If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought the movie was not even out.
And if you listen and get the box office review for next week, let me know if IHeart Radio messed up again!

Here is more about the movie that IHeart doesn’t want to bring up.
It has been out in theaters for two weeks.
This week, it was number four at the box office and the week before, (its first week), it was third.
It has made 34 million dollars at the box office.
The movie stars Jennifer Garner and Kylie Rogers.
The IMDB summary has this to say about it:
A young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a terrible accident.
The film is based on the memoir released in 2015 by Christy Beam about her daughter falling out of a 30-foot tall tree.

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