Lego Batman Movie Trailer

Here is the Lego Batman Trailer.
And yes, they made a Lego Batman Movie and yes, it looks awesome.

A few things I liked about it.
1. Will Arnett is great.
I don’t know about you but I am a big Will Arnett fan.
Have been since Arrested Development.
So I am glad to see him as Batman in this movie.
Well at least voicing Batman.

2. That big fire.
Is that big fireplace really needed?
Probably not.
But I think it is hysterical.

fireplace this blog needs movies
3. Batman the beat-boxer?
If this trailer is any indication this movie will not take itself seriously at all.
Even Batman will be funny.
Batman as a dark cinematic figure will be a memory with this film.
Just like Batnipples.
4. Batman leading the Justice League.
Did I see Batman leading the Justice League for a second?
And I guess it makes sense since this is his movie.
So even if Superman is the strongest in the group Batman still runs the show.
I don’t see Superman with his own Lego movie

5. He is always Batman.
I love that when he is supposed to be Bruce Wayne, he is still wearing his Batman mask.
Because Batman is always Batman.
Even when he is not Batman.

I am excited to see this movie.
I surprisingly liked the Lego Movie and I expect this one to be as funny.
The movie will be released February 10 2017.

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