Why the new Ghostbusters will be a failure

The new Ghostbusters will fail when it is released.
Not because it may stink.
As hard as it is to believe.
The actual content of the film is not the problem.
It is the industry itself.
Let’s go back to when the first Ghostbusters came out.
No one expected it to be a classic.
No one ever saw ghostfighters.
Ghosts were used as scare tactics not as punchline setups.
Then it came out and it was really funny.
And that is when the changes in the movie industry take over.
ghostfighters this blog needs movies
More people went to the movies back then.
So you can’t compare how much a money makes today to a movie back then.
Guess how long that original movie was in the top five for the box office?
17 weeks.
I know. I was surprised to learn that also.
Compare that to the last Star Wars movie: 9
Frozen had only 11 weeks in the top five.
Times are changing folks.
Less people go to the movies today.
No matter how much money these movies make.
They don’t have the shelf life because the field, in general, doesn’t draw in as much of an audience.
And you know what?
The industry knows this.
Name any of the blockbusters from the past ten years.
And what do they all have in common?
First week sales are the best.
The movie industry has become relient on this fact.
Bad movies can make money because they can put alot of money into the promotion.
Word of mouth?
What word of mouth?
Less people go to the movies today than ever, and you think a few friends who enjoy it will save the movie?
movie theaters this blog needs movies
So what does this have to do with the new Ghostbusters?
Well, as I said, the original was a surprise success, so it built it’s audience not from promotion, but from actual fans.
Add that to a lot of people went to the movies during that time and you have a box office hit.
Now what will happen to the new Ghosterbusters movie?
It will make alot in the first week and then fall off until no one sees it.
Yeah. That happens to every movie.
There is no time to grow an audience. (at least a movie audience)
Is this fair to the movie?
No. The other one was great, but it was in the right place at the right time too.
Take a look at this list again.
list 2 this blog needs movies
All the movies that had the most top five weekends were in the 80’s. (note:BoxOfficeMojo started the list I am referring in 1982, so I am only comparing movies from that point to now)
Were the movies better?
Eh, maybe.
Or was it that the audiences were larger?
Everyone didn’t have cellphones back then.
No computers.
No on demand streaming.
Heck you wouldn’t even be reading a blog like this back when the original Ghostbusters came out.
It would have probably have been in a newspaper.
Which of course, means it wouldn’t be in a newspaper.
The only way to see the movie back then was to go to the theaters.
Or how about this list?
list this blog needs movies
A movie was actually in theaters for 10 weeks and then it went to number 1.
Is that even possible today?
Some movies aren’t even released for that long!

The new Ghostbusters can be really funny.
It may even be a hit.
But it won’t stand up to the original.
The original came out during a golden age of movies.
This movie is coming out during a dark age.

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