Is Batman A Medical Doctor Or Not?

I watched the Dark Knight Rises recently on TV and I couldn’t help but notice how Batman needed to see a doctor.
And not just that, but that he seemed shocked to learn that his body was in awful shape.
crime fighting this blog needs movies
He has been recovering from his daily street fight/ high wire action.
He hasn’t done anything in years.
And yet, it is as if Bruce Wayne never even thought that he could be hurt.

And yet in the other film of the same franchise he is seen stitching himself back together.
Which obviously shows the audience he is not an amateur when it comes to the medical field.

Does he know medical stuff or not?
Because what that doctor said was pretty bad.
No cartilage in his knees.
No use for elbows and shoulders.
Scar tissue on kidneys.
Concussive damage to the brain tissue.

Jesus Christ Batman, did you not notice any of that?
Did you ever think that maybe you should do something about your knees?
This fighting is really going to put a wear on my body. I better do something about it.

If Batman had any medical expertise, then he should have done something about all of those injuries before going to the doctor.
More than just a few stitches.
Why does he need to see a doctor?
I thought he was a doctor.
His medical knowledge has always been flawed and they fill it in as needed for the plot.
They say he is the smartest detective, but never that he is the smartest doctor.
Yet he has his own medical bay so it is assumed he knows something medical.
Batman obviously has some sort of knowledge of broken bones in the film franchise.

But he knows nothing of his bad knees.
That is just inconsistent if you ask me.
I guess they don’t want to make Batman know everything, since that would kind of ruin some of the drama.

My god, he even had to ask about The Joker?
He’s Batman!
This Batman doesn’t even understand that The Joker can just be insane.
After all he has done, he can’t grasp that some men are just crazy.
Really Batman?
How many thugs have you beaten up?
How many gangsters did you take down?
Your mentor was a little off and you have a hard time grasping The Joker’s actions?
Batman needs to stop hitting criminals and start hitting the books.
Because he is clearly not as smart as he should be.

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