How Much Higher Will Ticket Prices Go?

For any person interested in how much a movie makes there is always that one fact that can bring brought up.
After all the millions, sometimes billions these movies make,
One stat that puts it into perspective.
Adjusted for inflation.
Basically how many people actually went to see the movie.
Movie tickets were cheap back in the day so they had to sell more tickets to make more money.
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The average movie ticket for 2015 was 8.47 prices according to NatoOnline.
Ten years before that it was $6.41
Ten years before that it was $4.35
And ten years before that it was $3.55
Ticket prices keep increasing.
And it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.
So what?
Am I going to have to pay 40, 50, 100 dollars for a movie ticket one day?
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Kind in mind that is the average for a movie ticket.
Most people pay at least 12 dollars for a ticket now.
I don’t know much about business, but it seems that the movie industry is going to increase prices until….
Until what exactly?
What will make the industry lower prices?
Or will they?
In other fields of entertainment the price is lowered if the field is doing poorly.
Look at the publishing industry.
Most writers don’t even publish a physical copy.
They just release their work free on kindle or for a dollar.
If a sports team is bad, they lower the prices because the fans don’t show up.
But the movie industry is growing according to their price increase.
You increase the price as the demand goes up, right?
Wait. I thought the demand for movies was down.
So why is the price for my ticket increasing?
I don’t know.
But it seems that the movie industry will keep increasing tickets.
We as fans will either have to pay.
Or movies will become select events not accessible to most people.
Because 100 dollars for a movie?
Who would want that?
The movie better be good, because I am already getting ripped off with the price of the ticket.
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