Sausage Party Trailer

Here is the trailer for the movie Sausage Party.

Film’s description: An animated movie about one sausage’s quest to discover the truth about his existence.
The truth about his existence?
He is food. That is his existence.
Why is the description acting like the sausage has such an important role in the real world.
This whole movie is basically that one scene in Toy Story where Woody tells Buzz he is a toy.

sausage this blog needs movies
This movie will be released August 12 2016.
It stars Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and James Franco.
It is an animated adventure comedy.

1. Could have sworn it was a children’s movie
I get that is part of the joke. The setup is made to look like an innocent movie.
But I really thought I was seeing something else.
Some people may like that the film took the different approach to animation.
Like Family Guy.
It is a cartoon but that doesn’t mean the kids should watch it.
Others may just get offended because they thought they were watching a children’s movie.
family guy this blog needs movies
2. That go weird quickly.
As I watched the beginning of the trailer, I was expecting the hotdog and bun to fall in love.
Nothing special when it comes to animation.
Just another silly cartoon that tries to bring objects to life.
I am not against the idea, but ever since Toy Story, the idea is not as original as it once was.
Everything to me is “Toy Story but with (whatever that object may be)
cars this blog needs movies
But then…
Then the tone of the film changed real quick.
What the hell was that scene about with the potato getting chopped?
Holy crap.
All of a sudden it is as if I am watching a thriller movie and I am supposed to see the potato’s death.
Is that funny?
Do I not know humor?
Because I don’t know how a potato who thinks it is alive screaming for help as it is being sliced into pieces is supposed to be funny.
What did I miss?
knife this blog needs movies
3. Was the cursing really needed?
I feel like the cursing was there because the writers are trying to act cool and hip with the language.
Every other character curses so I am supposed to laugh.
You know because cursing is just so funny by itself.
I’m just joking.
It’s not.
see this blog needs movies

No. I wouldn’t go to see this movie. It looks stupid and pointless. Plus I am not a fan of the bunch of people who made it. Even if you are a fan of Paul Rudd and James Franco and that crew, I don’t know if you will like this film. Maybe if you like Family Guy. Maybe.

Besides Family Guy? Okay. Since that seems like the obvious choice, I thought I would give this example. Team Fortress 2 (the animated short). They have similar animation. Plus it has the same penchant for displaying violence. I’d rather see this short made into a movie than see Sausage Party.

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