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I can’t believe I am even sharing this.
But here it is.
Close your eyes!
A poster for a McDonald’s Movie.
morgan spurlock this blog needs movies
Not that one.

This one.
the founder this blog needs movies
(image courtesy of IMDB)

The story of McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc.
It is starring Linda Cardellini and Michael Keaton.
It will be released August 5th 2016

cows this blog needs movies

1. This is propaganda right?
It’s not?
Let me see I have a letter from McDonald’s claiming that I am no longer allowed to eat on any of their locations due my mockery of the film.
Officially it is an accurate depiction of an innovative man who changed the world of fast food.
Unofficially it is their way of making you forget about Super Size Me.

mcdonalds this blog needs movies

2. Will they glamorize this guy?

Or will there be some controversy over fast food in the film?
Sure we all love the food, but we know it is bad for us.
I like to see how the movie handles this.
Comedians like Bill Burr and Jim Gaffigan found the humor in McDonald’s.

3. I like the tagline.
He took someone else’s idea and America ate it up.
That is very clever.
The film is already admitting that Ray Croc did not create hamburgers or McDonald’s.

Going where to; McDonald’s or the movies?
I may go see this movie, if they give me a Big Mac while watching it.

mcdonalds  this blog needs movies

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