Box Office Review: Superman/Batman Still Number 1, IHeart Still Wrong

ja rule this blog needs movies

For the second straight week Batman Vs Superman is number one at the box office.
Apparently critics don’t know what they are talking about.

Here is the top five (according to Box Office Mojo)
1. Superman Vs Batman: Dawn Of Justice – 51 million – 260 million total – second week
2. Zootopia – 19 million – 275 million total – fifth week
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – 11 million – 36 million total – second week
4. God’s Not Dead 2 – 7 million – first week
5. Miracles From Heaven – 7 million – 46 million total – third week

1. Superman can’t win.

The guy is number one at the box office and people still give him shit.
Not to mention that he dies in his own movie.
supermanlego this blog needs movies
2. Religion had a pretty good weekend.
Superman has that Jesus element going on, the other movies have the words God and Heaven in the title.
Religions did pretty good for itself this weekend.
I can’t believe that.
No pun intended.
3. Who are the Blacks and why are they talking sports?
Mike Epps was on First Take earlier this week promoting his movie Meet The Blacks.
I hate when I see actors or people not in sports go on sports shows and talk about their movie.
As if anyone gives a crap.
Because I really turned on the TV to hear about what Mike Epps has to say about Peyton Manning.
No. I didn’t.
It is like that Chappelle joke about Ja Rule.

If you listen to IHeart Radio then you have probably heard some sort of movie box office report.
I was amazed recently to learn that they don’t just give the top five movies.

black this blog needs movies

1. Dropoff of Batman Vs Superman
They reported a big drop off with Batman Vs Superman.
Not a shocker it did have a big drop off.
But after making over 200 million the first weekend, the only way the movie can go is down.
2. No mention of God’s Not Dead or Miracles From Heaven
I don’t know why but IHeart radio did no report the four and five movies this past weekend.
What did they give us?
Good question.
3. Report about two movies no one cares about.
Instead of making it easy for us to understand IHeart jumps around to movies that they want us to know are in the movies.
At least that is what it seems.
That, or they are morons who don’t know how to keep it simple.
Anyway, they talked about two movies, The Divergent Series: Allegiant and Everybody Want Some!
Divergent came in sixth at the box office.
Everybody Wants Some came in twentieth.
And people give Batman Vs Superman a hard time?
These reports aren’t even giving us the straight facts.

This time of the year in 1984 (April 6-8) the movie Police Academy was finishing its third straight week at number one.
It starred Steven Guttenberg as part of a group of misfit cops.

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