What Is The Difference Between The Movies And Television?

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Have you ever noticed how similar movies and television shows are?
Well, I did.
And the other day I was asking myself the question.
“What is the difference between a movie and a television show?”
Oh one is on my TV and one is at the movie theater.
That clears everything up!
But wait….
Aren’t movies played on TV sometimes?
And what happens when my TV looks like a movie screen?
Does that count?
I am amazed that we give two different meanings to two things that are so alike.
They both have people say words in front of a camera that have been written down beforehand.
That’s it.
So why do we go crazy with the difference?
We even have two award shows for these things!
Just take a look at their definitions.

movie defintion this blog needs movies

television definition this blog needs movies

So television is a system and movies have story to them?
And just what programs are used for movies?
Entertainment, education, and information!
Television reproduces sound and images on screen.
Wait, I thought movies did that?
So are we basing their differences on their style?
That’s it?
You know that would look stupid in the literature world.
No matter what style I choose to write with, I am still writing a book.
We may call that book a different name depending on the number of words in it, but it is still a book.

I have an announcement to make, because of the paper I am writing with my book will no longer be called a book.
I change my mind and I am calling it something else.

literature this blog needs movies
It’s a movie.
It’s a TV show.
It is a movie that looks like a TV show.
It is a TV show that looks like a movie.
It is all so confusing.
Can’t we just make them one thing so that it is easier to follow?
One difference is commercials, I guess.
But even that is going out the window with product placement in movies.
Like when Tom Cruise says, “Boy I could use a Pepsi right now.”
Yeah. He was paid by Pepsi to say that.

pepsi this blog needs movies
“That was a great movie.” I’ll say sometimes.
“It was a TV show.”
Someone will tell me.
At this point I kind of lost track of what the difference is.

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