Marvel Has Ruined Blockbusters

Marvel has ruined what we expect from blockbusters.
No longer is it just one movie.
It is a lead-up to an even bigger better movie.
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You can no longer go see a hit movie and just leave the theater without ever thinking of it again.
You are told about Easter eggs online.
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You are told about that post-credits scene you didn’t see.
And you are told about how there will be three more movies to that series.
Oh great.
That is just what you were hoping for.
Did the movie deserve a sequel?
Nah. It was okay.
But to make a franchise out of it is going too far.

You can’t judge a movie based on how much it sets up the others.
That shouldn’t count.
Because there are some movies, some stories, that don’t do that.
Are those worse because of their lack of setup?

Why does including a figure of another superhero or a suit from another character make the movie so much better?

We have become conditioned as audience members to look for stupid crap instead of focusing on the story.
Because if we were completely honest, the stories to these superhero movies are all the same.

What Marvel has done (DC is copying) is unprecedented in film history.
We have never seen film series be made before.
Sure there were franchises.
Indiana Jones, Stars Wars.
But they did not combine the two.
And if they did we didn’t know about it.
We never saw Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker talking.
Even the Adam Sandler theory is just that a theory.

But what Marvel is doing is no secret.
They aren’t trying to sneak Thor into the movie.
They aren’t hoping to get a cameo out of Spiderman.
These people are deliberately saying, “This character is from Film A and this character is from Film B and this character is from Film C.”
That is no longer a film.
That is no longer even a franchise.
That is a series.
Everything is connected.
Iron Man knows Captain America who knows Thor who knows The Hulk.
We never saw that before.
Films never had the excuse, “Oh that was just there as a teaser for the next film we are making.”
What is going on?
That is not even right.
As a writer I’d be offended if I had to write a script like that.
It can’t be great.
No matter how great of a writer gets it.
Because you are not just talking about that movie.
You are referencing the movies before this one and the ones coming after it.
As if that is supposed to make the audience like it better.
“Oh my god! They mentioned that thing in the other movie!”
Is that what we, as movie fans, are doing now?
We are no longer just sitting down and appreciating the art of the film.
Instead it has to make sense.
They all need to be in the same universe!
They all need to know each other!
I am not sure who is wrong.
We as moviegoers are fine with this new approach.
People are praising the Captain America Civil War movie.
So clearly I am the only one that is complaining about this topic.
But then the movie makers, (the studio, the director, the producer)
They are the ones making the decision to include the references to the other films.
Why are we satisfied as fans if they are telling us that part of the film was just there for another film?
I almost feel ripped off, in a way.
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