Payola Of Movies

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I wonder sometimes if these movies make as much as we are told they make.
Or is it just an exaggeration by the industry to make these movies appear better than they really are.
In the music industry there is a bad word that nobody likes to say.
Basically you pay the radio station to play your song.
Whether people like it or not.
You can obviously see the problem here.
If you pay for your song to be played 5000 times and I didn’t pay anything, my song has to be better than your song, just to get the same amount of airtime.
It isn’t fair.
And would explain why that one song on the radio plays every hour for like 2-3 months and then never again.
Someone paid for that song to be there.
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In advertising, it is no different.
Let’s say you want your post to get some extra views.
So you pay Facebook or Twitter a certain amount of money to place an ad.
That is not the same as something going to your post on purpose.
Because they follow you and read you.
There is organic buzz which is real people being interested in the topic then there is created buzz, which is manufactured to get and sometimes force people to like your product.
Created buzz is used by artists when people no longer are into them.
So you wonder why that artist is still around even though they haven’t had a hit in years.
You are right.
There organic buzz is awful.
No one is interested in them.
But their created buzz is great and fully-funded.
So we are getting the artist, despite the fact that we would rather not.
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You can, with the right amount of money create buzz around your post.
Just pay Facebook and Twitter enough so that your post appears everywhere.
People didn’t really read that post because they were interested in the topic.
You forced them too.

But let’s relate this to the movie industry.
Am I expected to believe that they wouldn’t do the same thing as the other two fields?
Theoretically I could buyout a theater and just give the tickets away to people afterwards.
The film’s gross total would be the money I spent on the film.
It wouldn’t reflect the fact that only half the theater was full.
I am not saying it happens.
But it could.
Maybe that is why first week sales are so damn high for some of these movies.
Do we really all like Superman that much?
Or are the tickets being bought beforehand so that regardless of the movie audience the film will make a lot of money.
I don’t know.
Whenever people bring up Box Office numbers, it is only about the money the top movie made.
What that total would be adjusted to inflation.
Or if you are IHeart Radio, you just mess up on the whole thing.
We all just assume that the numbers are legitimate.
Like there would be no foul play involved in a billion dollar industry that pays people to pretend to be other people.
But I am skeptical.
There is too much money in the film industry for the movie to be reliant on the fans going or not.
The first week sales for some of these movies are better than ever.
Yet the movie audience is shrinking.
Something doesn’t add up.

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