So The Matrix Is Real?

You may have heard that some scientists got together and decided that there is a chance that this, yeah, all this, you know life, is just a simulation.
Which I guess we all have to take them seriously since they are smart.
But why are they so impressed with themselves over this?
That is what the smart people are talking about?
Stupid crap that applies to no one.
We live in a simulation.
That doesn’t help me pay my bills on time.
Or to get to work any faster.
So what are they really even talking about?
Hypothetical bullshit backed by scientific words and algorithms that few understand.
I am all for philosophical arguments, but once they stop relating to people then I am out.
That is not philosophy at that point.
It is just wasting my time, because there is no tangible real world experience that it can be used towards.
I thought about what Neil Degrasse Tyson said, “This could be a simulation.” and laughed a little bit.
So am I supposed to stop what I am doing because a few smart people said everything is fake?
If that gets you to change your mind, then you are very gullible.
The idea that this world is fake isn’t even new.
Others who aren’t even scientists talked about it.

Bill Hicks

Weird Al Yankovic

Oh and there was that movie, The Matrix.

Also to be fair; these guys aren’t even the first people to talk about life as just a simulation.
It’s been around for a pretty long time.
Wait you mean that everything on this earth is not important?
That there is another world we are going to after this?
Yeah, it’s called heaven.
What exactly did you think those priests were talking about during church?

Great job scientists.
You are late to the party trying to discuss a irrelevant topic in a sophisticated way to pump your own egos.
If you are going to talk philosophy, at least do so that the average person can be helped by the discussion.
Can anybody tell me what we would do if we found out that life was just a simulation?
I know one thing.
I would still have to pay my bills and get to work on time.

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