Would Shakespeare Make Films If He Was Around Today?

Would William Shakespeare not be a playwright if he was around today?
Would he be interested in movies rather than plays?
Afterall, movies were not around during his time.
He was the Hollywood of his day.
So would he write for the big screen if he was alive today?
It is hard for me to think he wouldn’t at least try to make it on the big screen.

Here are some things that Shakespeare would have to deal with, if he was alive today.
The Bard never talked about America because it wasn’t around during his day.
Due to America’s influence in pop culture, he would have to at least address the country.
Back then, it didn’t matter that he stayed in Europe.
If he wrote something today, we would have at least one story set in America.
There is even a chance that he goes to America in his youth, rather than Italy.
Is he still the best?
If Shakespeare just started out today, would we still revere him?
Or would there be other classic writers that we would have fallen in love with?
Is there another writer that was Shakespeare before Shakespeare, who helped shape the English language?
If so, then no matter how great he is, he would still have tough competition.
Also part of Shakespeare’s popularity is the power behind his name.
You know Shakespeare even if you don’t.
There is a style and way about his writing, that everyone is aware of.
If he were starting out today, he wouldn’t have that.
He would be international.
I venture to say that William Shakespeare would be an international director if he was around today.
Most of his plays took place in various countries.
I don’t see how that would be different if he was around today.
Add that to the probability of him directing his own movies, (Shakespeare had his own theater back then, so it is safe to say he would have his own film company eventually) then Shakespeare would be what we would call an international director.
Sure they may all be in English.
But they are not set in one country.
He would still be apolitical in his social life.
Shakespeare didn’t say much about politics during his day outside of his plays.
So he wouldn’t tell us who he would vote for, or how he feels about climate change, he would still write about it in his plays.
So when talking to Shakespeare about the world we live in, he wouldn’t say anything controversial.
He didn’t then.
He wouldn’t now.
The myth would be gone.
Quick quote Shakespeare.
Now tell me, what did he sound like?
How did he act in his own plays?
We don’t know.
We never saw him act.
If he was around today, he would be in some of his movies, and we would see his acting ability.
This would factor into his appeal.
The way it is now we have nothing to really criticize Shakespeare for, so we are left with only praise for the man.
If he was a bad actor, we would hold that against his writing ability.
Stating, “How can a man be a bad actor, but a great writer?”
Actors would still outshine him.
Yes, believe it or not, actors would still get the most attention.
It was like that during Shakespeare’s time, although we are never presented it that way, so it wouldn’t be much different today.
Shakespeare would still be popular.
But the man or woman starring in his movie, would be more so.
He would probably be on social media.
How could Shakespeare be as hailed today when we would have access to his life?
Not everything he wrote would be a great play or a sonnet.
We as people would hold that against him.
Everything we are shown of Shakespeare can be interpreted, analyzed and dissected.
If he managed to do that, with today’s demands, then good for him.
But what if he just said hello to his Facebook page.
The idea that everything he writes is great, if he was on social media all the time like the rest of us, would be gone.
Even having a Youtube channel or blog would be difficult maintain without some falter on his part.
He’d have a team of writers.
Yeah. Nobody may want to hear it, but he would get to a certain point where he would only edit his movies.
He wouldn’t write them all on his own, by himself, with no one else around.
Nobody else does.
Can you name anyone in the movie industry that does it all by themselves?
Even if he did so though, we may not be told about it.


I know. I just got over talking Shakespeare, but I have to share this trailer with you.
All I am going to say about this is,
“Goddamn you, John Cusack. You are one of my favorite actors. Why are you making this crap? You are better than this!”

Having said that, I will still go to see this.

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