Key And Peele’s Movie Looks Awful, Kate Hudson Looks Great

Hey, guess what?
Key and Peele are making a movie.
I bet it is going to be great.

I wish I was wrong here.
But the movie looks awful.
It is about a cat for god’s sake, how great can it be?
That is what innovators in comedy are making today?
A movie about a cat?
That’s sad.
Don’t be too edgy or you may just lose that contract of yours.
I’m disappointed because I thought Key and Peele wouldn’t play the game.
But they are.
Now I see them on ESPN with their characters trying to sell the movie.
They will go to every edge of the world to sell the movie.
As if it doesn’t look like crap.
As if I should see it.
That is not innovative.
Want to be daring?
Be banned by ESPN.
Have newspapers (or other media outlets) not want to write about your movie.
That is innovative.
Don’t jump on the corporate band wagon and pretend like you are still being independent.
And don’t tell me it didn’t happen.
Orson Welles made Citizen Kane and William Randolph Hearst didn’t even want to write about it.
Yeah because it was about him.
It criticized his lifestyle.
This was Key and Peele’s first movie.
And what do they do with it?
Don’t they have anything to say?
They can sellout and become corporate whores later, but this is the first one.
Don’t they have a message or statement?
Cats are cute.
Great message.
Monty Python made the Holy Grail in their first film.
And these two make a stupid movie about a cat.
There are writers and comedians out there who can pull a better script out of there pockets than this.
I can’t believe someone allowed these guys to make this movie.

But I don’t want to talk about how bad this movie is.

Mother’s Day on the other hand looks great.
More specifically Kate Hudson looks great in this move.
Most be the makeup or that athletic gear.
That is not the only thing about this movie that you may like.
It is a complete chick flick.
They hit all the parts.
People in cross roads of their life.
Jason (whatever the hell is last name is) is in it.
Actors who have been in other more prominent roles but seem to be okay in this type of movie.
The whole thing has a Nicholas Sparks feel to it.
They know it is a chick flick.
And I am okay with that.
They aren’t trying to get guys like me to go to see this.
At least not without a woman.
They know women will love this movie so they went all out.
“Let’s talk about our feelings and how we feel.
How do you feel? Are you okay that you feel the way you feel?
Feelings, feelings, feelings, emotions.”
That is all I would hear if I saw this.
Guys won’t last with this movie.
At least this movie knew their audience.

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