Do Reviews Matter?

Everytime a movie comes out there will be someone who has something to say about it.
Some reviewer, some blogger, somewhere is going on about how the movie is really good, or really bad.
How you shouldn’t see it.
Or maybe you should see it.
We all know the routine by now.
But my question is; does any of it matter?
Do reviews matter?
Well let’s see.
They do.
Kind of.
They help a film get praised by those in the field, which can’t hurt.
But if you are a film goer, why do you care about how someone you never met disliked a movie?
Maybe you two have different tastes.
It’s not like the reviewer is helping you pay for your ticket.
If that was the case, then the reviewer may have a voice, but all they are really doing is suggesting based on their on knowledge and preferences.
Is a movie really bad because the critics said so?
It’s bad.
Yeah, according to who?
Because I liked it and thought it was great.
And that last movie you loved, I ended up leaving half way through it.
And what about the best movies ever?
Do the critics have to agree on that?
If they can’t even agree on what are the best movies, then what are we even talking about?
Do people really stop what they are doing because a movie has a high Rotten Tomatoes score?
Oh wow the critics like it, I will go to see it.
I do know people who won’t go to see badly reviewed movies, so maybe the reviewer does have some say.
I’m not sure about this whole topic.
It’s become very gray.
Anyone can slap the words, film critic to their title and all of a sudden people think they are an expert.
People tweet about movies, post on their blogs about them.
My god, we spend so much time talking about the movies, does anybody even wonder whether what we are saying even resonates with people?
Whether people even want to hear about the movie reviews.
Why do reviews matter, if the seats are filled?
I will use the Transformers movies as my example.
Those movies were not praised by critics, but they made a bunch of money at the box office.
People went to see them.
So who is wrong?
Are the audience members stupid for going to see a piece of crap?
Or are the critics that out of it with the average movie goer?
Reviews can only help a film’s legacy, right?
That is why they are important.
In the future when we talk about this film we better see that it was loved when it first came out.
But wait a minute…
Some classics aren’t classics right away.
In fact it is the opposite.
They aren’t even liked right away.
Casablanca and Citizen Kane; two movies that most people would say are classics, they weren’t beloved by critics.
Citizen Kane was a flop.
And alot of movies at that time had a bunch of big name actors together, so Casblanca didn’t get alot of buzz initially.
Now, we praise the films.
Now they are classics.
But let’s not pretend like it was always that way.
I guess what I am trying to say is nothing that I just told you really matters.
Reviews are pointless.
If you want to see a movie, go see it.
Don’t let a reviewer ruin it for you.

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