I Saw That Movie Already!

Do you ever feel like you watched the same movie over again?
Like the only thing that changed about it was the title and the actors, but the story is something you are familiar with?
I do.
Sometimes you can find me making sarcastic remarks about the lack of creativity in films today.
This movie is just like that movie.
That movie is just that other movie with a different name.
Stuff like that.
Those observations aren’t really that special.
I am sure that there are smarter people in the world who could make better observations of the world we live in.
I just make them, to double check that some of you are thinking what I am thinking.
I can’t be the only idiot that is thinking this!
At least I hope I am not.
Like with that Captain America movie.
I hate on it.
I admit it.
But I have a reason.
It seemed unoriginal that I all could do is mock it.
Like I just saw the same movie a week before.
turns out i did this blog needs movies
Batman went up against Superman, and formed the Justice League.
They disagreed about something, fought each other and then fought an even larger enemy.
So when I heard about the Captain America movie, I wasn’t that impressed by it.
Why should I be?
I knew what was going to happen?
What is new here?
What is original?
What parts am I going to stand back and say, “Wow. I never would have thought of a a great story like that”

Unfortunately this last example with Captain America is just one of several that has happened over the past few years.
These movies are starting to look the same and I am not happy about that.
Stop telling me about how much money they made.
I don’t care.
I want to see a film that I never saw before.
Maybe that is the problem.
All the good ideas are taken?
That is really a bad excuse.
I wrote three books and I haven’t once thought to myself, “Oh. No. This book will stink because there are no more good book ideas out there!”
If there are no more good ideas, then make one.
I don’t want to hear excuses.
I want to see a great movie.
And I am not seeing that.
Maybe it is me here, but I feel like everytime I go to the theaters I am getting more and more disappointed in the movies today.
I give them a chance.
I go to watch them.
They stink.
What’s wrong?
Have we become so good at watching movies that we can now analyze them to the point where the excitement that previous generations had is gone?
Movies are no longer new.
We have all seen a movie in out lifetime.
It is weird to think about it, but this is the first time in human history that so many people have seen this many movies.
Maybe there really is a ceiling for great movies and we have hit it.
Maybe there is only so good a movie can be.
Maybe the movies today stink.
Maybe they have all become to predictable with thir use of the same repetiive storytelling that we all know.
I don’t know.

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