The Irony Behind A Socrates Film

Socrates is one of the most influential people to ever walk on the earth.
He is the father of western philosophy.
He has laid down a foundation for thought that is still taught today.
The guy even has his own method.
socrates this blog needs movies
Aside from having something be Shakespearean, I can’t think of any cooler thing to have than my own method.
Anyway, as great of a man he was, we don’t know much about him.
Like Jesus Christ, what we know of him is from a book that we aren’t sure is true or not.
Sure, there was a man named Socrates that did exist in Ancient Greece.
But was he as much of a martyr as we are led to believe in school?
Did he really die because he corrupted the youth?
First off, let’s talk about the man Socrates.
What do we know of him?
He asked questions.
Too many questions.
The dude literally died because he asked too much.
We are told the perspective that he searched for truth, and that he knew he did not have it, so he asked anyone he could find questions searching for truth.
This same questioning may be seen as annoying and kind of arrogant to some people.
The guy is so smart that he is going to ask you questions that he knows the answers to and then claim he is searching for truth.
Just imagine who Socrates would be today;
He would mock us all for our use of technology.
“What does that phone have that you truly want and need?
Do you really need an Angry Birds game?”
So you can see how the guy rubbed people the wrong way.
If he was around today, we would hate him too.
He’d keep asking us about ourselves.
“Why do you watch so much television?
What do you wish to see from it?
So you watch Game of Thrones for the sex and violence?”
By asking so many questions the guy brings up stuff that people don’t want to admit about themselves and others.
Like maybe we are not as great as we think.
Maybe we are wrong with some decisions we make.
Or worse, some of our views of the world are wrong.
You can now see why he was accused of corrupting the youth.
He was!
He was changing their view of the world;
A view that some in charge didn’t agree with.
We may not kill the poor guy if he was around today but we would definitely ask him to go away.
He’d ask us if our actions get us closer to truth.
If they don’t, then why do we do them?
Truth was kind of his goal in all of this.
So all that you know would be on the table.
Social media, movies, sporting events, advertisements.
He would ask us about our world.
Regardless if he was going to get in trouble for it.
Now, let’s talk about a movie with him in it.
How would a movie about Socrates be made today?
Well, there would probably be some sort of product placement involved.
Maybe he eats Doritos or drinks Pepsi.
If there was nothing in the movie, the actor would be asked to appear as Socrates to “question” our world.
Do you see where I am going with this?
The very things that Socrates would have us learn are not helping us get to truth would be put in a movie about his life.
irony this blog needs movies
So you ask yourself, how is Socrates relevant today?
How does he impact your life?
Look around and ask yourself how many people are asking questions about the world we live in?
How many are willing to get in trouble, not for a cause or a purpose, but to find out about the truth of our world?
How many are even searching for it?
Are there any?
Or are we just supposed to accept the world we live in?
To accept any answers that are given to us?
To go with what we think is truth.
If you ask me, Socrates is still an outlier.

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